Triple Tangent Twednesday!

I better type this one fast, since there is less than an hour left in Wednesday.  Which means getting up early to run is going to be a blast!  Whew boy.

1.  So I know I joke about being an old woman and the idea that 10 pm is past my bedtime, but... seriously... I gradually turn into an idiot as soon as the sun goes down.  If you don't believe me, ask David, who had to listen to me ramble on about anglerfish for a good half hour the other night because he kept me up late.

Why anglerfish?  Great question.  I don't remember.  But I do remember that through the course of the conversation, I went from being terrified of anglerfish and convinced that I was in danger of them attacking me (disregard that most of them live in the deep sea and that I normally don't go in water that isn't a bathtub or a heated pool anyway) to wanting to have one as a pet.  I believe I wanted to name it Juan, and make it be friends with my two sharks, Hector and Fernando.  At least I have a vivid imagination.  And apparently a thing for Latin men.  Sorry David.

2.  I'm rather gullible.  I remembered this today because I made the mistake of going to the mall by myself.  This never works out well.  Either I wander aimlessly and get bored really quickly (rarely) or I spend too much money on things I clearly don't need because no one is there to slap me upside the head (common).  So because I went alone, and allowed myself to be attacked (read: complimented and seduced) by the people working at those dumb kiosks in the middle of everything, this happened...

Um.  Yeah.  In case you've never fallen victim to the people of Seacret before, let me give you a quick rundown: the "secret" of their products is minerals from the Dead Sea... get it?  sea-cret?  secret?  I know ... it hurts.  They normally try to suck you in with lotion, but this girl was gooooood - she told me that I had beautiful hands.  Well, I like being told how pretty I am, so naturally I stopped.  That was the beginning of the end.  Somehow, I ended up with a huge bag filled with scrubs and creams and a nail buffing block that she used to make my left thumb nail look like just-Windexed-glass.  And I felt great and confident for about 5 minutes before I realized how much money I'd dropped on skincare that, while fun and great, I simply did not need.  Then I sat down on a couch and cried to David on the phone for 20 minutes.  And this is AFTER I had already bought a clipless curling iron from another kiosk because she made my hair all pretty and wavy like!

And this is 12 hours after she did it!  And she did it on hair that I'd straightened just an hour before with my crazy hot flatiron!  Yeah.  I have a problem.

3.  If you're wondering what the surprise is... it's this last tangent.  And it's kind of two tangents in one.  The first, and original, tangent that I was planning on was about how I sing.  A lot.  I'm sure you may have gathered from all the Godspell talk that I do sing, but it's not like "I'm an actor and I can also sing." No, no, please understand... I am a singer and a wanna-be comedian and sometimes I act.  My singing has gotten me into a lot of fun stuff.  I sang the National Anthem at basketball games through high school and college, which meant I got to be on the court with the players and feel athletic by association. In my first College Program when I worked at the bakery, I actually got to be in a singing contest called MROC Idol (MROC stands for Magic Kingdom Restaurant Operations Communications... say that 5 times fast) and made it to the final four.  I have a fancy glass plaque etched with my name and everything!

Wondering what that surprise is?  Well, I had an audition last night for a holiday show and they asked to hear a 16 bar selection from our favorite holiday song.  Since I can't sing the Boston Pops version of "Sleigh Ride," I went with a much more serious selection.  And David said several times yesterday that he wished he could hear it, and it got me thinking... why not just put it on the blog?  I'm not enough of an attention whore just posting pictures of myself all day long, I should post myself singing too!

But here's the second part of the tangent... I'm kind of a big tease when it comes to surprises.  As in, I've been bugging David about his birthday present for months now and I still haven't given it to him.  Even though his birthday was in July.  Some people would call this torture.  I call this genius.

So even though I teased you about the surprise... I'm not posting it tonight.  I'm forcing you to come back and read my blog again tomorrow!  Mwahahahahaha!  Because I promise I'll post it then.  Maybe.  You never know with me.

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