Triple Tangent Tuesday!

It's a miracle.  I am actually updating my blog on a Tuesday.  You can all now breathe a collective sigh of relief - life is back to normal.  I mean... as normal as I get.

Which we all know isn't too terribly normal.  Enjoy the whole no-makeup, badly-in-need-of-a-wax eyebrows, and filthy hair thing - totally going to be the "it" look on the runways this fall.  You're welcome.

1.  With all of the fun, fun free time that I've had lately (read: I'm begging for another job I'm so bored) I am getting to experience the joys of daytime TV.  And inevitably, I watch something good in the morning, then turn the TV on in the afternoon and it's something terrible, on the exact same channel.  Today's example is this gem.

Has anyone seen this?!

Easily one of the worst things I've seen on television in a very long time... and I watch infomercials for fun, so that's saying something.  Seriously.  I can't decide what part of this show is the worst part, because it's all so bad... it's excessively (and obnoxiously) dramatic, the acting is painful, and even though I've sat through several episodes now (shut up), I still don't care about a single one of the characters.  

Was this how high school was for you?  Maybe I just lived a really boring teenage life.  This would not surprise me as I don't live a super exciting life now... but in high school, I did nothing.  I went to school, I hung out with my friends.  I never went to parties where there was drinking or anything.  Mostly I just ate too much and embarrassed myself in public... nothing has changed.

Senior Prom - 2005.

2.  That first tangent made me stroll down memory lane with iPhoto for a while.  You know, some days I have really great ideas for tangents (or at least what I think are really great ideas) and other days, I just stare at pictures for a while and see if I have any good stories.  So since today is one of those other days, then I will just be completely candid and share with you what popped into my head when staring at iPhoto.  I will be horrified if any of them find this... but here's a nice look through some of the boys (emphasis on some - I fall easily) that Jessica had a crush on/was in love with/wrote lame poetry about at some point in her life.  Enjoy this, this is really a treat.  David, I'm sure, will especially enjoy this one.

My childhood neighbors.  And yes, when I realized that boys didn't have cooties and were actually kind of cute, I had a crush on both of them.

Apparently all the prom pictures are showing up in this entry... this is my friend Alex from high school.  I had a big crush on him my senior year because he loved Lollicup and smelled good.  My emotional depth scares me.  

One of my drama club kids (I was so the cool kid in high school), Hunter.  I had a major thing for this boy, and when I left for college, it got even more major.  He's one of those super creative types - I fell for him and his art.  And, you know, he smelled good.  Seriously.  The emotional depth.

My ex-boyfriend, Collin.  My first real love.  Also my first real broken heart.  He's in the Air Force, and he is why I scowl every time someone talks about the Air Force, but I also secretly say a prayer for their safety.  I just shared a secret with you, kids.  We're getting close here.

And, of course, this one.  Obviously :)
Based on my criteria, he fits the bill - he smells good, tolerates Lollicup, is creative, and is NOT in the Air Force.  Kind of perfect.

3.  I ate an entire loaf of that brown bread from Outback Steakhouse tonight.  That really isn't much in the way of a tangent, but I had to get it off my chest.  And hopefully with a 7 mile run this weekend, I can also successfully get it off of my thighs, because we all know that's where it went.


  1. Hahahahahahaha you are so funny! I secretly love and hate the bread that restaurants give you before a meal. Who even needs to eat afterwards?? I can literally eat a whole basket of buns and nothing else.

  2. Christina, we should probably be best friends. I totally agree with the love/hate thing... I could demolish several baskets of the bread at the Cheesecake Factory, which is so not good because the portions there feed, what, 9 people each? And don't even get me started on chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants! Should be illegal.