15 Thing Friday

1.  I really suck at this blogging-every-day thing.  Seriously - 19 posts in the entire month of July?  I'm pretty sure that's how many entries this girl posted last week.  Apparently, once a week seems to work well for me and blogging.  Like me and washing my hair.  Okay, so it's more like once a month for that.  Shut up.

2.  I weighed myself at my meeting this morning and I am sitting EXACTLY at the top of my goal range.  Which is good because it means I have lost a few pounds despite this disaster...

But it is also bad because it means that it could swing either way in a heartbeat.  I'm going to a meeting tomorrow morning to have an official weigh-in, and wearing a dress that does not require a bra.  I'm not messing around here, kids.  I also decided that this meant I should not have dessert tonight.  Have you ever noticed that the minute you say "I shouldn't have dessert" you immediately start fantasizing about what you want for dessert?  So now I'm sitting around thinking about chocolate cream pie.


3.  I have skipped my Thursday tempo runs for the past 2 weeks and I'm starting to wonder what's going on with me.  I'm a little terrified of the dreaded "overtraining," especially since I'm a genius and combining Turbo Fire (read: hatefully intense workouts 6 days a week) and training for a half marathon.  But still... I should be able to swing a 30 minute tempo run.  Hopefully it doesn't affect my long run, since I will be making my second attempt at 6 miles on Sunday.

4.  I did weights for the first time in a long time yesterday and my shoulders are so pissed that I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up without arms because they decided to stage a mutiny.  By the end of my workout today, every muscle was shaking.  And since I swapped Fire 30 for the scheduled Fire 55 EZ because I was short on time, I feel that's kind of a problem.  Best of luck to me tomorrow.

5.  I keep winning stuff by calling into my favorite radio station and telling them the sad details of my life.  No kidding.  On Thursday, I called about being a hypocrite because I work for Weight Watchers and am struggling with my own weight again - technically, I know this doesn't really make me a hypocrite, it makes me human.  But they were giving away Ke$ha tickets, and since I love that crazy woman, I called in.  I didn't win the Ke$ha tickets, but they did give me tickets to see Finger Eleven next Saturday.  And two weeks ago, they were taking calls about theme park disasters, so I called them and told them about the awful evacuation I helped with at Pirates of the Caribbean, and I won a VIP tour of the Coors brewery!  Please disregard that I hate beer, because I took my dad and he loved it.  And I got to meet the two guys who do my favorite radio show.  Win.

And yes, that is my Pops in the Hawaiian shirt.  And yes, I wish I had his tan genes.

6.  Speaking of pictures of my paleness, I did force my poor mother to take my "before" pictures for Turbo Fire.  In a bikini.  Um... good Lord.  Apparently I need to do a whole lot more running for bikinis and a whole lot less shoveling food into my face for bikinis because that was a frightening wake-up call. I will spare you the details, but the guidelines for the official "before" pictures that you send in to get your "I'm on fire" tank top when you finish (and yes, I am only doing Turbo Fire so I can get a shirt) required that we have at least one photo taken holding the DVD set.  So, after cropping out my stomach, it became kind of a gem.

Remember this face, kids.  It will surely be the new ad for Turbo Fire.

7.  I was all psyched to steal the Snickers before long runs idea this Sunday from Miss Reese's, and then she posted this:  "I eat a Snicker's for long runs over 8 miles usually."  Well.  Damn.  I mean, I guess that makes sense because really, if I'm trying to lose the chub, maybe I shouldn't just eat a Snickers every time I go for a jog.  But it was tempting.  Of course, a Snickers bar has 8 PointsPlus values, and my Cytomax has 2, and my whole 6 mile run earns me about 10 activity PointsPlus values, so... I'd just kill the whole point of running.  Which is to say screw it and eat cupcakes all day.  Wait.  Um.  That didn't come out right...

8.  I can't stop scrolling up on my own update to look at the picture of the chocolate cream pie.  So... I'm just going to put it here again.  In case you missed it.  Or want to lick the screen.  I don't judge.

9.  I have my phone set to make the sound of a train whistle when I get a text message.  It's called "Choo Choo" on the iPhone.  It's adorable and much more characteristic than the normal iPhone ding, so I don't automatically check my phone anymore whenever I hear that along with 20 people around me.  That being said, it's loud and obnoxious and scares the crap out of me when I'm reading Wikipedia articles about banana spiders because an old coordinator of mine back in Florida posted something on Facebook about how one was outside her house.  Seriously.  Have you seen these things?!  I can't post a picture of one because then I'll be afraid of my own blog but Google them please.  They eat birds.  Wrong.

10.  I'm completely stealing this from the same place I stole 15 Thing Friday (forgive me, Cely, you're cooler than me) - but, um... Tracy Anderson sucks.  I knew that the whole "women shouldn't lift anything heavier than 3 pound weights" thing wasn't going to be the last bone I had to pick with this woman.  I'm not sure which I find more awful - the fact that she actually said she wanted an eating disorder, or the fact that the response from a spokesperson referred to her as a role model.  

11.  I'm still scrolling up to see the pie.  I have a problem.

12.  I'm curious... does anyone else seriously consider deactivating their Facebook account every once in a while?  My only justification for keeping the stupid thing is that it helps me stay in touch with people.  But then I actually go on Facebook and think "I don't want to stay in touch with most of these people."  


13.  Okay... let's be honest.  I'm really only going to my weigh-in tomorrow so that I can eat dumplings afterwards.  I might be crying into those dumplings if it turns out I'm over my range because that will seriously suck... but I'm still getting dumplings.

14.  I wish my life was more exciting so that I didn't have to think this much to come up with 15 things.  But really... it's just been a tough week and I'm kind of burnt out, so... I believe you all know what #15 is...


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  1. I was just looking through your blog a little. I think we are on about the same track for half marathon training. I am also on week 5. I feel your pain!

    I am not big on sweets, but those dumplings look fantastic!