It's been a big week.

I can't believe I haven't updated in a week.  Again... I win Worst Blogger of the Year award.  And I meant to get my rear on my 'puter sooner so that I could do Triple Tangent Tuesday while I was still a coherent and functioning human.  But then this happened...

This is an addictive game.  So entertaining.  I had never heard of it before, but I am so glad I decided to go for it and just buy it.  If you are bored right now and have one or more people with you, go to Target. Buy this game.  Now.  Seriously.  I'm watching you.

Anywaaaaaaaay... the point is that I suck as a really-on-top-of-things blogger (I'm working on it, I swear!) and that if I tried to do a Triple Tangent Tuesday right now, it would be laughable, because all I really want to talk about is how my eyes feel like sandpaper and are begging for me to take my contacts out.  So I think I may officially move to Triple Tangent Twednesday because it seems like it works the best.  And I am planning on giving you all a GREAT BIG SURPRISE in tomorrow's TTT, so stay tuned, kids.

In the meantime, I shall give to you photo spam from the past week of my life.  Because it's about all I can handle before I rip my contacts out and drool on my pillow.  I'm a pretty girl.

Bonnie is a classy lady.

ANNIVERSARY DINNER!  More on this to come when I am awake.

I may drool on pillows and have sandpaper for eyes... but I must have something going for me to have landed this one.

Also, he wants you all to know he is winking.  You know, just in case you thought it was a tick or something.

The sticker blocks the full title: "A Pug's Life."  I laughed about it at the time, but clearly I need this book.

David: "Do you think they have to peddle their wares?"
Me: *laughing hysterically and probably snorting* (told you I was a pretty girl)


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