I'm actually posting before 11 pm.

It's a miracle!  Now I just have to hurry up and finish this nonsense so that I can go to sleepy time before I get grumpy pants.

See the bottom cat?  The one who looks like he's going to throw down?  That will be me if I'm not in the fetal position and drooling on my pillow by 10 pm tonight.

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Nine, Day Two (30 minute tempo run)
3.18 miles/40:00

Not a bad tempo run... I didn't get as far as I did with David on our anniversary run, but I also didn't feel like crying at the end, so I'll take it.  Some day I will not want to die when I'm running the hills in my neighborhood.  Today was not that day.  I tried to avoid them as best as I could, but it's inevitable - the last couple intervals are always uphill unless I want to just run farther away from my house and then have to walk back wheezing and sweaty and begging for ice water.  But I tried not to beat myself up for going slower when I was doing the hills, and sometimes that's all I can do.  The 8:45 min/mile pace didn't happen for me today (though the Garmin says my best pace was 8:12 which I find hard to believe) but I did try to keep the running around 9:30 to 10:30, which felt pretty good.  I was able to do the second mile in 11:04, which is kind of outstanding considering that included my walk intervals.  I've been debating lately about trying to do a 5K without the intervals, just constant running, but I think my pace is actually better with the intervals.  I know it's mostly mental, but facing 30 to 40 minutes of just straight running sounds unbearable to me.  I have to be able to tell myself I only have to run for one more minute.  Maybe I chose the wrong activity...

But then again, I haven't exactly been rocking the Turbo Fire thing lately... I didn't do either of the TF workouts that were scheduled for me today.  I'm using the excuse of "I got 6 hours of sleep and already did a tempo run," even if the tempo run was only for three miles.  Don't judge.

In other news, I worked more than 2 hours today and it was downright strenuous.  I'm flying back to Florida this weekend to work a few seasonal shifts and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through eight hours of productivity.  David, if you're reading this, please become a rich and famous writer tomorrow so that I only have to work to support my shopping habit.  Though... with my shopping habit, I'd probably be working 80 hour weeks.  Rude.

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