Lame Wednesday.

So... Wednesdays are my rest days.  Which I take seriously.  Today I recovered by seeing Midnight in Paris with one of my best friends, stuffing my face with movie popcorn and candy, and then stuffing my face some more with chicken tacos.  That is some good recovery right there.

I also celebrated Bonnie's "birthday" - she's 5 whole months old today!  She's getting to be such a big girl.

And such a glamorous and classy lady.  She clearly takes after me.

We celebrated by going on two long walks, including a trail walk where she got to bite all the plants her little dog imagination could think of!  She seemed pretty happy.  We also treated her to a little bit of vanilla soft serve from Dairy Queen... turns out you can order a "Pup Cup" from them specifically for pooches!  I love this.  Bonnie did not get to finish her Pup Cup because it was still a lot of ice cream for my girl.  She was not pleased when I took the cup away.  I can't blame her... I'd be pissed if someone took my ice cream away.

And speaking of Bonnie and food, here's a nice little treat for you - just a small glimpse into day-to-day life with the Bonster Monster.  I wish I could say that this was a one time incident, but really, this is a constant.  

Um.  Yeah.

And yet... I really love that little fur person.  I had missed having a pup around, and while she can be a little cray-cray, she is also such a beacon of joy.  Every morning when I get up she's so excited to see me.  Like she's never seen me before!  It's amazing!  And on walks, she jumps around in the weeds and wags her tail so hard... it's kind of contagious.  Dogs are really so wonderful.

Now it's time for bed - for the first time in three weeks, I am actually not planning on skipping my tempo run tomorrow!  Feel free to cheer.  I know.  I am impressive.

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