Seriously. Reddi-Whip. New power snack.

Today's workout:
Fire 45 EZ
435 calories/45:12

I was planning on practicing being suicidal and going to Power Training again today, but I woke up sore and tired around 8 am, and since class was at 9 am, that didn't give me much time to psych myself up.  So I skipped it and took the Bon Bon out for a walk with my mom instead.  She was happy because she got to jump in the creek that runs through town... I was happy because my muscles weren't on fire.  

Someone forgot to tell Bonnie that collies are not water dogs.

After that, I got my act together and was productive for a while.  I got my flipchart done for my meeting on Friday because I'm going to be busy this week... DAVID GETS HERE TOMORROW NIGHT FOR A SIX DAY VISIT!  I'm super excited to see him again.  It's been far too long since we saw each other (nearly two months now), PLUS he's getting here in time for our two year anniversary together.  We're planning on going to the same place we had our first date to celebrate :)

Speaking of firsts, this is the first picture taken of us together.  I was still wearing heavy eye makeup and fake eyelashes from a show I was doing... but we have no excuse for the faces.

I also squeezed in Fire 45 EZ today, which was super tough today.  It's one of my favorites of Turbo Fire, possibly even my favorite out of all the workouts, but it's definitely not "EZ," especially if you go into it sore.  I felt much better when it was over, though, and I know it was the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, I skipped stretching and beating myself with the Stick because my mom and I were racing  to go see The Help.  Which was fantastic, by the way.  I cried a lot, which really doesn't mean that much since I cry all the time, but it was just a well done movie.  Fantastic acting.  I was really impressed by the entire cast.  Highly recommended.  Especially if you can catch a matinee on Monday afternoon, because that was really half the fun... I'm pretty sure it was just book club mania.  There was one man that I saw in the entire theatre.  For the most part, each row was split into small groups of women all discussing it... again, book club mania.  But we all clapped at the end, which I love.

The only problem was that my mom and I kind of missed lunch, and by the end of the movie, all we wanted was fried chicken.  Damn Southern food for looking so good on a massive screen.  So my dad and I went on an adventure to get some of the highest rated fried chicken around town.  And I mean adventure... we drove about an hour to get it.  We are serious about food in my family.  Unfortunately, I don't eat fried chicken all that often, and I certainly don't often eat cornbread stuffing, potato salad, and Texas toast.  I mean, I wish I did, but I don't.  So my stomach has seen better days.  Or maybe it was my genius dessert idea...

Which immediately turned into this...

Which immediately went in my mouth.

Yeah.  No idea why my stomach isn't thrilled with me right now.  Maybe if I go to bed and wake up at the crack of dawn for an easy run, it will be happy.  That makes sense, right?

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