Speak da Troof Sunday: It is completely mental.

Today's workout:
Fire 30
320 calories/31:46

Today was not my day.  I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been punched in the head.  I have no idea why because I definitely did not go out with one of my best friends last night, eat my weight in Chinese food, throw back two glasses of plum wine (HOW HAD I NOT HAD THAT GLORIOUS ELIXIR BEFORE?!) and stay up until 1 am.  None of that happened.  Neither did this.

We are so cool.

Regardless of the cause, it wasn't a pretty wake-up call.  I seriously considered just staying in bed, but I got moving and went to church with my mom, which turned out to be a wonderful mass about taking care of others.  Between auditions and Cinderella rehearsal, it has been a little bit "all eyes on me" lately, and I don't want it to go to my head too much... so I needed a little reminder that the world does not, in fact, revolve around me.

After church is where the real headache started.  See... sometimes I have cravings.  Okay, I constantly have cravings.  And sometimes they are for reasonable things like smoothies or big salads with lots of fresh veggies crammed in there.  And then sometimes they are for McDonald's breakfast items.  I know McDonald's is going to give me cancer and send me to an early grave.  I know.  But I can't help it if I think that they make delicious hotcakes and sausage!  And I was super duper hungry this morning... so I made a horrible choice.  I ordered something called a Deluxe Big Breakfast.

Feel free to judge me now.

I justified this choice by saying that I wouldn't eat all of this.  This is true - I didn't eat the biscuit because I didn't like it.  The rest of that happy little platter, on the other hand, was completely demolished.  And I tracked it (I'm tracking again because Cinderella can't have jiggly bits) so I felt okay about it.  Then I stood up and tried to go about my day.  An hour after I'd eaten all of that, I started to feel like I was maybe going to die.  And slowly but surely, I watched all of my good intentions for the day fall apart at the seams.  I had hoped to go for a run, but with that platter of lead in my stomach, I knew I'd be on the ground crying before I had gone half a mile.  Plus, it was cold out, and I felt like a pansy.

So what does all of this have to do with the vague title of "it is completely mental" up there?  As I sat on my couch, giving up on my exercise plans for the day, I got on Pinterest and started looking at the fitness section.  All of these wonderfully motivating and inspirational images and quotes started popping up, and I felt like maybe I could get through a workout.  So I went downstairs and powered through Fire 30.  I could have used the terrible eating choices as an excuse, or the cough that refuses to leave as an excuse... and honestly, both of them would have been valid.  I definitely had some cramping issues during the workout, which I can only assume were related to that ridiculous breakfast.  And I did have to take breaks to catch my breath so I wouldn't hack up a lung.  But you know what kept Grumpy Gills going?

I cried when I found this.  Seriously.  If she can run, I can get through a 30 minute workout.

So was it the easiest and most refreshing workout ever?  Not exactly.  It did feel great to be moving, but it wasn't easy.  It's never easy.  But it proved to me what a difference a simple change in my mindset can be.  Now if only I can keep that up to try this beast that I've got my eye on tomorrow...

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