15 Thing Friday!

1.  I ACTUALLY RAN YESTERDAY!  I know, it is a miracle.  For having not run in three and a half weeks and for being still a little sick when I did it, it went pretty damn well!  I did 2.72 miles in 35 minutes, including the warmup and cooldown walks.  Mostly it just felt nice to get moving again.  Even if I did forget water and hack up a lung in the middle of it.

2.  Pinterest has ruined my life.  In the past three days, I have easily spent 10 hours just re-pinning stuff.  Including things like rocky road crock pot cake, which I haven't made yet, but I'm pretty sure should be illegal.  I did devote an entire board to fitness though, and I have found some motivational gems.

3.  Just grabbing those two images, I got distracted by Pinterest for ten minutes and forgot I was writing this.  Seriously.  Ruining my life.

4.  Speaking of Pinterest... don't tell David (who is undoubtedly reading this, hi David), but I have found my engagement ring.  Apparently everyone is planning their wedding on Pinterest, whether or not they are actually getting married in the near future, so there are gorgeous wedding dresses and engagement photos and reception ideas all over.  And there are rings.  Someone posted a ring that caught my eye, so obviously I went to the website... and then I found it.  Love at first sight.

A ROSE GOLD ENGAGEMENT RING.  I think I just died a little bit.

5.  If you're currently wondering if I, too, am planning my wedding on Pinterest regardless of the fact that I'm not actually planning a wedding... the answer is hell yes.  And if you're wondering if David is breaking out into a cold sweat right now... I'm putting a strong bet on "probably."

6.  After the Denver Rock 'n Roll Half, I told everyone I know that there was no way in hell I was doing another one.  Then I found another one.  It's called the Ralston Creek Half Marathon and it's brand new. When I found it, I got SUPER excited and couldn't wait to start training, especially because it times out very well - if I start training next week, I have exactly 12 weeks to train, which I think is perfect.  But I'm actually a little on the fence about it.  Training in Colorado in the winter is going to be very tough, given the weather, and the race itself is in February, which could be gorgeous or could be freezing and icy.  Am I being a big baby about the cold and should suck it up?  Or should I maybe take it easy and work towards a half later into next year?  Thoughts?

7.  I am madly in love with this song.  Even though I don't have the cars.  Or the money.  I'm not one of those smart geeks.  I was just in marching band.

8.  The Tervis tumbler and I are still going strong.  We had to breakup while I was in Florida and California... but we missed each other so much that now we are back together.

I wish I was lying to you when I told you that my life is honestly this uneventful.

9.  If you're looking at that picture and wondering why I look different... I washed my hair and actually made an attempt to branch out with my makeup.  I know.  Breathe.  Today's glam look brought to you by:

Urban Decay Naked palette

10.  Um... I'm really not interesting, guys.  And I'm sleepy.  So... it's going to be a 10 Thing Friday.  And the 10th thing is...

Really, I should have just put up 15 things I found on Pinterest.  Truth.

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  1. I LOVE that ring!! I just got invited to Pinterest but haven't had much time to navigate through it yet but it seems SO addicting..I think you should give the half a shot..I start a training plan on Dec 5 for my first half Feb 12..I was supposed to do one last year but got injured 3 weeks before..I am a little nervous to start again because I was totally bummed when I got injured last year..Maybe try the first couple weeks and see how you feel about it then...