So I went to the doctor today...

And I have a cold.  A bad cold, perhaps, but a cold nonetheless.  My doctor claims that it is going away.  I'm going to hope that she did some silent curse on it that they teach in medical school so that I wake up tomorrow and feel magically better.  It was a strange appointment, really, because my actual exam was done by a med student, with the nurse practitioner watching.  So I'd known this girl for all of 20 minutes before she was all up in my business.  Nothing like a pelvic exam from someone you hardly know to start your day off right!

On a completely different (and undoubtedly much more appropriate) note... YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING.  Seriously.  I have gotten some of the sweetest comments lately, and I can't tell you what a difference they make in how I'm feeling.  I've been having a lot of pity party moments lately, and those comments have made me feel so much better, so thank you.  Even David noticed... he said that you were wonderful.  He is right.  So in case you're also having a pity party tonight, listen up - YOU ARE WONDERFUL.  And invite me over the next time you have a pity party.  I'll bring cake.

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! Your post made me laugh today!! Thanks for the encouragement..I seem to have those dreadful parties too frequently lately :) Here's to hoping today is a better day for you!