I am an idea thief.

It's been about a month since the half marathon (!!!) and my awesome surge in followers because of the wonderful shout-out Skinny Runner gave about me on her blog.  I believe I went from having 19 followers to having over 30 followers pretty much overnight, which was amazing, and if I haven't mentioned it lately, I seriously love you guys.  Those of you who comment, those of you who don't, it doesn't matter... it means so much to me that 38 people read something that they liked and thought they'd keep putting up with me for a while.  Well... 37 people, really, since David is a follower and he obviously had no choice in the matter.  He has to put up with me.  It's his job.

It's probably not a good sign that I've used that image as many times as I have.

Anyway, I admit that after I got a bunch of new followers, I kiiiiiind of was a horrible blogger and took it for granted.  I didn't go and check everybody else's blog out and comment and follow them and be gracious.  I just kind of went, "Welcome to the crazy, suckers!" and kept blogging.  Bad Jessica.  So now I'm working on going through all of my followers (yes, that means you!) and checking out everybody's blog.

It turns out that I have really awesome people following me and I am completely floored by it!  Why are all of you cool people reading my whining?  Please, don't get me wrong, I love it, and I would cry if you left me.  But you guys are cool.  I'm lame.  I went to bed tonight at 6:30 pm.  True story.  I've been in bed for nearly two and a half hours, and after I finish this entry, I'm going to sleep.  I was going to watch some Frasier first, but I got too tired.  SERIOUSLY.  I'm not cool.  I'm so incredibly flattered that cool people think I'm worth reading.

Anyway, that being said, one of the cool people who happens to be following me is Arlene, who has an awesome and adorable blog and is a complete fashionista.  Something I could never hope to be.  Obviously.

Once I got beyond the fact that I was insanely jealous of her outfits, her makeup skills, and her mini Cooper, I realized that I really enjoyed her blog.  And she recently did a post that I thought would be really fun to copy... because I don't have original ideas, I just steal ideas from other, cooler bloggers.

So, in complete admiration of this post from Arlene, here are a few things I am really enjoying and really wanting to punch in the face lately!

  • David.  Nothing new here, but he was so good to me during the nine hour audition from hell on Thursday, and took care of me when I was still feeling sick yesterday and last night.  He went to two different stores to get me diet ginger ale when my stomach was bugging me.  He's kind of amazing, and I mostly tease him a lot on this blog and post funny pictures of us, but really... I adore him and am a very lucky girl to have him in my life.

  • The fact that Frasier is streaming on Netflix.  I discovered this at the beginning of this month, and suddenly the world seemed just a little bit brighter.  
  • My new Stride jacket from Lululemon.  I have always lusted after Lululemon gear, and have never been able to stomach the prices... so imagine my delight when I dragged my parents to one of the outlet malls in Orlando (which are AMAZING) and found out there was a Lululemon outlet!  I may have cried.  And then I bought way too much stuff.  But I am seriously in love with the Stride jacket... I may be obsessed and I might have refused to wear anything else for a while.  Mine is a gorgeous lavender/grey color and it's just delightful.  Love love love.  Now I just need to save up some money so that I can buy this one that I have my eyes on...

Not loving:
  • Whatever evil disease I seem to have caught.  It's been an entire week now since I first came down with a really bad sore throat, and every night I go to bed hoping that I'll wake up feeling better... and every morning I wake up with some new problem.  The sore throat got a little better only to be accompanied by a cough, stuffy nose, and post nasal drip.  I spent last night throwing up in intervals throughout the night because of the post nasal drip.  This morning, the stuffy nose was replaced by a runny nose.  Now I have a runny nose, a sore throat, an occasional cough, and a hatred of my own respiratory system.
  • The fact that I have to do my staff weigh-in by Tuesday and I guarantee that I have put on 10 pounds.  To be fair, I had good intentions - I was putting off the weigh-in until after I got back from Florida and California because having that on my mind would force me to stay on track and get in my activity.  Then I got the disease from hell and all activity went out the window.  Not looking forward to that weigh-in.  At all.


  1. Aahhhhhhh this made me so happy! I'm ridiculously flattered :) I am also insanely jealous of your Stride jacket! It's a beaut!
    Oh and you know why we all followed you? Besides the Skinnyrunner thing? When we got here we found a normal gal, just like us and we could relate, which is always good. I need people that I can aspire to be like (I want to be able to run a half without dying) without hating (cos they're up themselves/ rude/ standoffish etc). Sadly soooo many bloggers I come across are. You're fab, just keep being you xx

  2. Dear Jessica,

    You're making me feel like a loser for not going and running my 10 miles I'm due for today, but it's raining and here that means down pouring. Oh and it's still fairly dark out. So I'll stay in my bed where it's warm and dry.

    Love, Anna

  3. @arlene

    Awww, Arlene, you made me cry! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. You made my whole morning.

  4. @Anna B

    Dear Anna,

    You should never feel like a loser around me! First of all, you're not a loser - you are an incredibly smart woman who said "You know what probably isn't the best choice? Running in the pouring rain and the dark." I can ALWAYS get behind the choice to stay in a warm bed. Pretty much every time I have chosen to stay in bed instead of go out into the scary world, it has been the right decision.

    On top of that... you can't possibly feel like a loser because you had 10 miles scheduled. You know what I had scheduled? Watching a couple episodes of Frasier. And I couldn't handle that. Seriously. Never feel like a loser around me. I think that's why half my friends hang out with me... they feel cooler because I am so lame.


  5. I love your blog because you seem so down to earth and friendly! I agree with the 1st comment, your not stuck on yourself like other girls seem to be! I'm happy to have found you :)

  6. @Meghan

    Meghan! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much :)