I'm in Orlando more now than I was when I lived here.

I'm back in Orlando.  Again.  I know, I'm a crazy person.  But to be fair, Colorado is cold, and the humidity here has died down enough that I have real hair and can attempt to look like a normal member of society.

I would love to say that I have workouts to post since it has been three days since my last post (oops) and surely I would have engaged in physical activity since then!  Especially since I was just talking about getting my fitness level back up!  But I don't want to lie.  Apparently that's a sin.  I have no workouts to post.  I have plenty of food to post about... like the funnel cake bread pudding that I ate tonight and will probably fantasize about for the rest of my life.  Or the pot roast that I'm already planning on eating tomorrow for lunch and have started drooling over as I type this.  I suppose that instead of committing to working on my fitness level, I should commit to working on preparing my stomach for Thanksgiving.

But the madness must end.  I have an audition on Monday that I need to look good for and on top of the layer of pudge I seem to have put back on, I have a pimple that can be seen from space right now.  So pot roast, you and I can hang out... but we have to invite the steamed veggies too.  Which sucks because I freaking hate those guys.

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