I exercised! It's a miracle!

Today's workout:
Fire 30
A bunch of calories/30ish minutes (I wrote it down somewhere...)

That's right, kids.  I got up this morning and worked out.  First thing in the morning, before 7 am.  I was so excited to get back to doing TurboFire after the beating that was the first three Insanity workouts (I feel like a pansy just writing that), and you know what?  It kicked me right in the rear.  The same dizziness and nausea that I felt with Insanity started to come up about halfway through Fire 30, and it's not a long workout, so that's a bad sign.  Then I had two realizations:

1.  I tapered off doing anything but running in the week or so before the half, then ran it and promptly took two weeks off of exercise.  I think I did one TurboFire workout in the whole two weeks, and then I ran 3 easy miles.  Other than that, I took it easy and held off on the exercise.  So I lost two weeks of physical activity.

2.  This one I'd mentioned before and kind of joked about, but today it hit me that maybe this was really true.  I'd gotten used to doing TurboFire in my heavily air conditioned basement - when the air conditioning is on in this house, the basement turns into the arctic.  Sometimes I think I'll go down there and be able to see my breath.  But winter kind of snuck up on us this year, and now we're pumping the heat.  Meaning that I went from exercising at temperatures in the low 60s to exercising at temperatures in the high 70s.  I can't imagine why I feel dizzy and nauseous!

So I'm cutting myself a little bit of slack and scaling back a bit.  This week I'm going to try to focus on just getting something physical in every day - if I feel up to something hardcore like TurboFire, that's great.  But if not, then I'll do some yoga or take the Bonster Monster for a walk.  I'm hoping to start a hybrid program of TurboFire and P90X soon, but if I need to just gradually work on getting my fitness level back up for a couple weeks, then that's okay with me.  

And you know what I'm sure will greatly help?  The disgusting amount of Halloween candy in my kitchen right now.

But seriously.  There is a stash of candy next to me right now.

In other news, I spent my morning finishing one big part of David's long awaited birthday surprise.  Which I've been torturing him about since May.  And which is now pretty much going to be a Hanukkah surprise because I took my sweet time on it.  Since D-Dawg reads this (hi David!), I can't tell you what it is, so I'll give you all the same hints I gave him - it involved fake eyelashes, a very long drive, a space heater, and a 13 week old corgi puppy named Bailey.  Who I almost kidnapped.  Any guesses?

And speaking of questions...

Did anyone do anything super fun for HALLOWEEN?  Tell me all about your costume!
I dressed as Minnie Mouse with my parents for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party when we were in Florida a couple weeks ago, and then on Friday, I was Snow White for my Weight Watchers meeting.  They loved it!  


  1. I just decided to rejoin WW. I am really struggling to count points again but I really want to hit my goal weight by the time I get married in May. It is only 12 pounds but they seem to be the hardest! I got down to within a pound or two in the past but my body seems to want to settle where it is currently.

  2. @Jamie

    I can't believe I'm just now getting back to this... Jamie, I so understand where you are at! I got to goal and hit lifetime and kind of went "YAHOO! I'm DONE!" and for some crazy reason, this meant that I put back on about 10 pounds. So I'm struggling to count and track again as well. I feel like we all go through a phase of hating it and not wanting to do it for a while... I have to keep telling myself that it's the only thing that works for me and that it's just counting. I went to a meeting with the CEO of Weight Watchers and he told us that Jennifer Hudson had said "If someone had told me that I could look like this just by counting, I would have done it a long time ago." That made sense to me.

    Anyway, forgive the rambling... CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding and you can totally hit your goal weight by then! You'll be great :) If you want any advice or just want somebody to talk to, feel free to email me! I'd love to hear from you.