15 Thing Friday!

1.  I'm blaming being late to do this post on Black Friday.  I definitely did the Black Friday thing today.  I did not go anywhere at midnight because in case you haven't realized this, I am an 80 year old woman stuck inside a 24 year old's body, and midnight doesn't exist to me.  But I hit Target around 5 am, then went to work and led a Weight Watchers meeting in a bathrobe and slippers (it was theming, I'm not that lazy, really), and then went to the mall later!  And before you ask... yes, I am tired and in pain.

2.  On the plus side, I got a bunch of DVDs for great prices from Target, and then I bought enough bath and body products to last me until 2020.  Which is great because I definitely didn't just spend several days working on cleaning my bathroom and asking the universe why the hell I felt the need to buy so many damn bath and body products.

It's true.  That stuff is my holiday crack.

3.  Speaking of things I didn't need, but for some reason spent money on today... I bought three pencil skirts from Forever 21.  The assistant director for Cinderella wore the cutest mini pencil skirt to rehearsal about a week ago with leggings and boots, and it honestly just looked like the bottom of a long tank top peeking out from under her shirt.  It was adorable and I thought I could easily pull it off.  I can't.  So now the girl who doesn't like her legs owns short pencil skirts.  

4.  I still haven't gotten my official time for yesterday's race yet, and for some reason checking my email every 15 seconds isn't making it appear any faster.  I feel like a moron for not stopping my Garmin immediately and turning it off so that I wouldn't start it again without intending to... because that definitely didn't happen, that would be dumb.  But I do know the ballpark area of my time, so I will tell you this much - since it was my first 5K in a while (the last one I actually ran instead of walked was back in 2009), I was trying to be kind to myself, so I was aiming to finish in 37 minutes.  This would have been a PR for me automatically because I think my fastest 5K before was at least 40 minutes, maybe a bit more.  Plus, I knew this was a hilly course, so I thought I'd take it easy.  That being said, I was secretly hoping to finish in 35 minutes.  So I was aiming for 37 minutes, hoping for 35 minutes... and I ran it in under 34 minutes!  I am so proud I can hardly stand myself.

5.  To continue the bragging trend, I have been tracking all this week and I didn't even bribe myself with anything!  I even tracked Thanksgiving - really.  It was the first time that I left the table feeling satisfied and normal rather than feeling like I was going to go into a coma.  I hate to admit it, but it felt awfully good.  I'm afraid I'm turning into one of those annoying people who is going to walk around saying, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."  But I know I'm not, because I think that statement is a lie.  A whole lot of things taste as good as thin feels.  Like, ironically, Thin Mints.  

6.  I keep finding out more and more people are ending their relationships - actual friends, Facebook friends, complete strangers that I stalk online (I swear I'm not a total creeper).  Despite the fact that all of the breakups I've heard about lately are for reasons that do not affect my relationship with David in any way, I have gotten completely neurotic about it.  I'm sure this thrills David to no end because I was already so sane.  He was trying to go to sleep tonight because he works very early on Saturday mornings, and I decided to help his efforts by sending him anxious text messages asking if we were doing okay as a couple.  You know how people sometimes joke about how they can't believe they're still single?  I can't believe I'm not still single.  

Now I'm just putting words in his mouth.  Really, this is when he'd tell me that of course I'm not single because I'm wonderful and beautiful and amazing and he'd be crazy to let me go.  And that's when I'd wonder if I needed to start testing him for drugs.

7.  I'm still addicted to Pinterest.  It's a little less intense now, but you just have to love something that can lead you to a tutorial on making a chic bracelet with twine and hex nuts and then give you this:

8.  Before you ask, hell yes I'm making that twine and hex nuts bracelet.  And then I'm going to make this adorable little cowl because I've been knitting the same damn sweater on planes for months and I am over it.  I need something cute, quick, and on my neck in two days.

I'm thinking yellow.  Or maybe red.  Really, I'm thinking cashmere, in any color, but my wallet disagrees wholeheartedly.

9.  My wallet also disagrees with the latest piece of fitness equipment that I absolutely must have right this second: the Ugi ball.  Really, it's because an incredibly fit man over on BodyRock (which I now stalk regularly, but still am terrified to try) was using it to work out and if he uses it and looks like that... I need it immediately.

10.  I'm tired and uninteresting so to round out the 15 things, here are five things that I want right now.  All this shopping has got me craving more shopping.  Seriously.  I have problems.

Don't tell me I can't shop for tigers.  I can somehow and I will.


  1. You're a scream. I have an addiction to buying fitness related gadgets too. They take up every free piece of storage we have along with all the kitchen gadgets I buy and use once (bellini maker anyone?). My husband is actually pretty tolerant about it all. If it was the other way round I would totally kick his ass xox

  2. @arlene

    I know you made actual points in that comment, but I couldn't focus because you said you have a bellini maker. A bellini maker?! I didn't even know such a glorious thing existed! I now know what I want for Christmas!

    My justification for the fitness gadgets is that at least I use them... I've spent plenty of money on stuff that I rarely use (like, you know, my college textbooks), but I use my fitness stuff all the time! This is also my justification for stalking the Lululemon website... I'm working really hard to justify buying another jacket from there right now. It's a battle.