Triple Tangent Tuesday!


But really... I love Triple Tangent Tuesday.  It's super fun for me, so I hope it's vaguely entertaining for all of you.  Plus, it gives me an excuse to blog even when I may have skipped a day of working out!  Not out of sheer laziness, I assure you, though obviously that was a contributing factor.  My hamstring was still all weird this morning so I decided to give it a day of rest so I could go for a nice run tomorrow morning!  But... enough about my cranky muscles.  Time for tangents!

1.  I am currently enjoying one of my favorite beverages from my childhood that everyone thought I was weird for drinking - milk over ice.  What can I say?  I like my milk frosty.  And it's still not as weird as Coke mixed with milk that I pretty much lived on my freshman and sophomore years of college.

But I gotta say, my childhood favorite is a little bit better with a splash (or three) of Kahlua.  I like to think of it as chocolate milk for grown-ups.

Oh yeah.  Smooooooooooooth.

2.  Incidentally, a Kahlua and cream was my first real legal drink when I turned 21.  I was on my first College Program in Orlando at the time, and my parents flew out to visit.  They treated me to a stay in the nicest hotel on property, the Grand Floridian, which is modeled after the Hotel del Coronado...

And they took me to dinner for my birthday in the hotel's very gorgeous, very fancy, and very expensive no-kids-allowed restaurant, Victoria and Albert's.  It was fabulous.  And the Kahlua and cream was strong.

They also got me two wonderfully delicious treats...

But one of my fondest memories from that birthday was a cake that one of the boys I worked with at the bakery made for me.  It was easily one of the sweetest and most romantic gestures that anyone had ever made for me.  

Let's face it... if you knit a lot and like to watch Cats 101, romantic things don't happen to you.  So I savor my moments.

3.  And since the theme of the day is clearly becoming romantic gestures and trips down memory lane, the most romantic gesture that I think I ever made was for this man.

And yes, that is the dreaded bakery costume.

His name is Bruno, and if he ever finds and reads this blog, I will be relatively mortified that I've laid this story out for the world to see.  But essentially, I was kind of in love with him.  We worked together - he was on an international internship from Brazil that started before mine.  Naturally, this meant it also ended before mine, so I had to say goodbye to him and then face many more days of work without getting to see him.  Le sigh.  

His last night of work, I showed up and pretty much declared to everyone working that I would kiss him before he left.  Please understand that everyone except Bruno knew that I was in love with him.  For all I know, even he had some idea of my infatuation.  Lucky for me, they all peer pressured me into following through on my promise.  So after all the goodbyes from everyone, and lots of crying, he left the kitchen.  And I hadn't done anything.  I had chickened out and I knew it.  This was apparently the cue for my manager, Steven (best manager ever for this night alone), to practically shove me out of the door of the kitchen.  So there I am, talking to Bruno, trying to get up the nerve to kiss him... when his friend walks out of another door and tells him they need to get going.

This is where it gets dramatic, kids.  We look at one another kind of awkwardly, and I say goodbye to him one last time.  He walks through the door to the stairwell.  And I stand there, wondering if I'll regret not kissing him... and my brain says, "DUH, MORON."  So I throw open the door to the stairwell and yell his name dramatically, à la Titanic or Gone With The Wind or insert other classic romance here.  He looks up at me, climbs the stairs back to me, and I kiss him.  Fireworks!  Stars!  Butterflies!  But really.  It was adorable.  So adorable that I blushed and took awkward pictures with awesome manager Steven just to remember the moment.

Yup.  It's true.  I've been making that same ridiculous face with the same ridiculous thumbs-up pose for years, kids.

Don't be worried that my most romantic gesture was not for D-Money.  That one's coming.  It's his birthday present and he has NO IDEA WHAT IT IS.  Bwahahahahaha.

That's plenty of stories for today.  Anybody else want to share a tangent?


  1. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS AND IT'S KILLING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    (...lucky Bruno...)

  2. You are so funny, and good for you for giving that guy a smooch!