Nail down your food, friends...

Because if you don't, I WILL DEVOUR IT.

Why, yes... I am a little bit hungry today.  Why do you ask?

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Five, Day One (30 minute short run)
2.75 miles/40:00

The theme of today's run was "back to basics" - I had one banana before the run, brought along some Tangy Orange Cytomax, laced up my broken down Asics Gel-Phoenix 3s, and ran my beloved trail.  And aside from a little bit of mud and a few minutes of hotter-than-I-like sunshine, it was honestly a great run.  Easily the best run I've had in a while... it was wonderful to get off that dumb treadmill and get back to actually running.  I also said "screw it" to keeping track of my pace.  I did try to keep it pretty easy since that's the point of having an "easy run," but parts of the trail are wonderfully downhill and I couldn't help but go for it!  My best pace for the run was 9:39 min/mile - not bad at all!  And the icing on the cake was how wonderful my iPod shuffle was to me.  Not only did it start me off with some seriously lame girl rock from Aly & AJ (love 'em or hate 'em, "Potential Breakup Song" is insanely catchy), but it also gave me the best song ever for my last two minute running interval.

"Sleigh Ride" by The Boston Pops.  And yes, I did feel super cool running up a hill in the sunshine bobbing my head along to it.  Anybody else have Christmas music on their iPod all year long?  And feel no shame in jamming out to it in July?  I love Christmas, so hearing Christmas music always lifts my spirits a little bit.  Unless it's "I Wonder As I Wander" - then I just cry.

Despite taking it easy, I'm hoping that I burned more than the 275 calories that the Garmin said I burned, because I've essentially eaten everything in sight today.  Isn't that delightful since I just posted about how I desperately need to get back on track?  Yeah.  I thought that was precious.  As my Jewish boyfriend would say... Oy.  So... tomorrow.  Tomorrow Jessica gets back on track.  I might force my poor unsuspecting mother to take my "before" pictures for TurboFire tonight (disregard that I technically restarted it on Monday) just so that I can have something to stare at when I want to bake cookies.  

Like these cookies.  Or these.  Um.  Yeah.

Something like that.

To be perfectly honest, though, I'm actually looking forward to getting back on track.  I had a great day on Saturday... I tracked everything I ate and drank, I hit all of the Weight Watchers "Good Health Guidelines," and I was even able to have a little bedtime snack without dipping too much into my weekly allowance.  I remember feeling so proud when I went to bed that night.  And though I know you don't lose lots of weight in one day, I felt lean.  You know those days?  You have a great workout, you eat well, and you just feel thin.  I need to remember that feeling tomorrow.  Wish me luck, kids.  If I go missing for a few days... I'm holed up with peanut butter cookies.  Someone find me.

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