And the award for worst blogger ever goes to...

Um.  Yeah.  It's been a tough week.

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Four, Day Two (on hateful treadmill/not with my beloved Garmin)
2.92 miles/40:00

I'm home alone with the Bonster Monster all weekend because my parents are visiting my sister... so my routine is a bit off.  I got up early to go for my run this morning (read: alarm went off at 5:30, I groaned, and hit the snooze button at least twice) but Bonnie had other plans.  So instead I went on a nice long walk with her, complete with sprinting.  I love Bonnie, but I question her ability to become a running partner... she likes to do 4 minute miles.  Then it was off to work.  So the run got pushed back to this afternoon.  It wasn't too bad... I do really hate treadmills, and it felt awfully hard.  This was partially because the rec center wanted their air conditioning set at a reasonable, normal level... and I thought it should be set to about 45 degrees.  I wanted to be seeing my breath.  

That being said, I was able to keep a pretty good pace - I tried to keep my running intervals at 5.3 MPH, and at the end, pushed it to 5.6.  I was sweating EVERYWHERE.  All the normal people kept looking at me like a freak.  And then I believe they looked at the speed on the treadmill and went, "Really?"  Especially because the treadmills at the rec center are RUDE, and have these handy "quick" buttons with different speeds.  One for "Walk" at 2 MPH, one for "Jog" at 4 MPH, and one for "Run" at 6 MPH.  So I'm not even running?  Thanks, machine.  You're an ass.

Post-run, I went for a great recovery plan: getting back in my car after no stretching, going to the bank, getting Starbucks, and playing fetch with a crazed puppy.  I can tell you right now, as I feel my legs seize up under me, that this is a great plan.  Highly recommended.  Actually... I do recommend the Starbucks.  I needed that tea to stop sweating like a banshee.

Also, it's interesting being alone with Bonnie - I think the universe is essentially screaming "YOU'RE NOT READY TO HAVE KIDS" at me.  Not that I thought I was ready, but good Lord, if I struggle this much with having a puppy depend on me, let's not add an infant to the list.  I don't mind being her source of food and care, but being the one and only source of activity and entertainment is tough.  We went on a long walk this morning and another long walk tonight, and I am wiped out.  But we were going slow enough for me to snap some pictures, so I shall leave you tonight with an ode to my new favorite app... love you, Instagram.

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