Sometimes running makes me cry a little bit inside.

Yesterday's workout:
Fire 45 EZ
462 calories/46:28

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Day 2
3.58 miles/49:56

Why, yes, that is relatively pathetic pacing.  Did you notice?  I certainly did when I thought I was going to die halfway through.  How do the marathoners do it, people?!  And more importantly (if you're as narcissistic as I am), HOW AM I EVER GOING TO RUN A HALF MARATHON?!!!

I'm hoping that the past two runs have been more indicators of how much of my fitness base I lost in the two weeks that I felt like bonding with my couch... and less indicators of my actual running abilities.  Right now, I feel that this morning's run showed me that I need to have a heart-to-heart with some ice cream, order a pizza, and give up.  But I'm going to try very hard not to listen to that destructive little voice, and stick with it.  I'm planning on running another race (!!!) on Monday morning, and even though I'll be using it as a training run rather than "racing" it (HAHAHAHA at the idea of me "racing" anything), I'm going to try to give that run my all.  And I think I'm going to try adding in more of the HIIT workouts from Turbo Fire and maybe even some Insanity workouts to get back in shape faster.

... okay, this is officially a boring post.  How about I shut the hell up about my failed runs and post some puppy pictures?

That's better.


  1. Your dog is SO cute!

    We all have runs like that so don't worry! There are days that my legs just don't want to move. hey amazing thing is - you went and still got a run in, no matter how slow it was. You are going to run a half marathon and you are going to be great. You are just on Day 2 and getting into the groove. Reflect on what could have gone better and don't kill yourself with so many crazy workouts right away. Take it nice and slow and ease your body back into it!

  2. That puppy is so darn cute! You just have to keep running and training eventually you get a little faster and a little faster. Don't give up you will get there!

  3. Don't give up on the training...... just put your mind to it! Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience.

    Gotta run.