15 Thing Friday

I keep missing Triple Tangent Tuesday, and I needed a new fix.  So now I'm stealing ideas from different people... thank you, Cely, for giving me another random thing to do because I have a feeling that reading about my pacing and constant dissatisfaction with running shoes gets a little old.  I think this will be a lot like Triple Tangent Tuesday (read: all about me), but less long-winded and possibly with more obnoxious pictures.

1.  I am having cravings like crazy lately.  First it was for bubble tea... more specifically, a chocolate almond snow with extra boba from Lollicup.  Today, it was macaroni salad.  Seriously.  I don't even like macaroni salad that much, but I was headed home from work and it was suddenly all I wanted in the world.  Obviously instead of being a grown up and just going home, I bought a massive tub of it and I swear I ate half.  I was sweating mayonnaise on my run.


2.  As much as I whine and call her a monster, Bonnie is seriously adorable.  And has incredibly sad eyes, which makes it really hard to not give her everything she wants all the time.

3.  Seriously.  Instagram.  Go.  Now.

4.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has done a number on my bank account this year.  I may have splurged a bit.  My mom peer pressured me into buying these gorgeous babies because I've pretty much been whining about how much I want Frye boots since I learned what Frye boots were.  And then I may have had to buy this.  Which is pretty much a whole week of work for me.  Oy.  I'm seeing it as an investment and planning on wearing it every day for the rest of my life.

5.  Sometimes I look at this blog and fantasize.  It's like food porn.  I'm an addict, I know.  I didn't get to Weight Watchers eating carrots, kids.

6.  If I see this commercial again, I'm going to stab someone.  It's annoying AND it makes me want a damn Blizzard.  Rude.

7.  I bought my first pair of Nike Tempo shorts last week.  I'm still scared to wear them.  I'm convinced that if I run in shorts, sparks will fly from my thighs rubbing together.  I still have daydreams about the day that my legs don't touch and actually look like girl legs in skirts.  As opposed to making people wonder when I had my gender reassignment surgery.

8.  I am starting to think I'm the only person who hasn't seen the new Harry Potter movie.  I also didn't see the first part.  I saw every other movie, but I don't know... I feel kind of burnt out on it.  I should give the books another try, but I'm so exhausted all the time these days that I think I'd just end up drooling on the poor book.

9.  I'm currently watching The Golden Girls and wondering if I've seen every single episode.  I'm going to go with yes.  I have every season on DVD.  When I moved into my bigger apartment all by my lonesome my junior year of college, I would put it on and watch it in bed at night.  They always made me feel less lonely.

10.  This video still gets me every time.

11.  Similarly (kind of), the ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan also gets me every time.  I pretty much start bawling the minute I hear that In The Arms of the Angels song.  Last time I saw it, I ran to Bonnie and cried into her fur and told her how much I loved her.  It would be precious if it didn't happen EVERY DAMN TIME.  I'm a sucker.

12.  I love Bonnie, and I love dogs, but I miss cats.  Specifically, I'm madly in love with my friend Dan's cat Casper.  We used to have very nice conversations about his big days.  He's a beautiful baby.

13.  Right now my computer is dying and I'm wondering if I can think of 2 more random things to say before it dies.  It has 10 minutes left.  This could end badly.

14.  In case you hadn't noticed, I have a serious shopping problem.  One of my drugs of choice is Etsy.  Now if only I could force everyone in my life to buy everything I want from all the stores I want... life would be delightful.  COUGH wishlist wishlist wishlist COUGH.

15.  The episode of The Golden Girls that is on right now is all about being positive and how it will help your life become more positive.  I find this hilarious.  I have tried this method and it usually ends up being laughable.  I try to be positive (stop laughing) and normally, it ends up worse than when I'm being bitter.  But then... I'm writing this as I'm feeling a little bitter, so... maybe not.

Whew.  Fifteen is a lot of things.  Now I'm going to work on trying to make chocolate chip cookies magically appear.  Wish me luck.