Reddi-wip is the new power snack.

Today's workouts:
Fire 45 EZ (almost didn't do it, SO GLAD I DID)
390 calories/44:35

Today was kind of a blah day.  Bonster Monster woke me up at about 5:45 am, which meant not enough sleep and grumpy grumpy Jessica.  Now, to be fair, it was the cutest wake-up call I've ever had... no whining, no barking, she just chewed on one of her toys (a crochet corn toy to be exact).  So all I heard were a few faint "squeaks."  I thought about rolling over and ignoring it, but I knew she needed to use her facilities, so out we went.  We walked for a little over 2 miles, and then came home.  And stayed home.  Except for a morning walk and an evening walk with Bon Bon, I haven't left my house all day.  I'm the coolest, I know.  Want to know something really lovely?  When I took her out for her after-dinner walk, I was strolling along and something occurred to me... I hadn't washed my face.  And come to think of it... I might not have brushed my teeth.  Quick, let's take a poll - who here remembers the last time they washed their hair?

Shocker... my hand is not raised.  BUT I know that I rinsed my hair and slathered it in conditioner on Friday to go to work so that it smelled nice and people would just think "Oh, she didn't have time to dry her hair."  That's something, right?  Right?

Okay, I swear I don't tell you these things just to make myself sound disgusting, though I'm sure I do a darn fine job of that.  The truth is, part of the reason I fell off the face of the blogging world is because I've been in a funk lately.  Now, yes, it is normal behavior for me to not wash my hair very often.  But I swear brushing my teeth comes standard.  It's been a really rough couple of weeks for me personally - work got very stressful and overwhelming, I've been feeling like I don't really have much of a social life (or friends, for that matter), and I was struggling to get the energy and motivation to work out, which is such a vicious cycle for me.  If I don't have motivation, I won't work out, but the best way for me to stay motivated is to keep working out.  Oh, and did I mention that I took a nasty fall on some stairs on Wednesday, gouged my shin, and had my first x-ray on Thursday morning because I thought I might have broken a bone?  That was fun.  I didn't break a bone, thank goodness, but I've got a lovely bruise going on.  I'll spare you a picture of a blue circle on my pale leg though.  You're welcome.

Whew.  So at the risk of sounding like pity, party of one... I've been pretty sad for a few days.  Not locked in my bedroom crying sad, I promise.  Though I did catch the last 10 minutes of a Hallmark movie about a man overcoming his Tourette's to become an award winning teacher and bawled like a baby.  Just kind of "I don't feel like getting ready because I'm not doing anything anyway" sad.  Pity, party of one sad.  Which is why things like this happened, regardless of the fact that I pretty much make minimum wage and only work for 8 hours a week.  And the macaroni salad... oh God, the macaroni salad.  And you can judge from the title of this post how much willpower I have had lately around whipped cream.

But I don't want to be the Debbie Downer, so I'm working on it.  It's funny... yesterday, in my 15 Thing Friday post, I wrote about the episode of The Golden Girls that I was watching and how silly it was to believe that positive thinking made positive things happen.  And here I am today, vowing to be more positive and to express more gratitude.  So instead of 15 Thing Saturday... I'm going to have a little gratitude this Saturday.  Here are a few things I am grateful for today:

1.  Weight Watchers, for helping me lose weight in the first place, and for always being a plan I can return to when I'm feeling lost or out of control with food.

2.  Hallmark channel, for giving me movies that make me cry, but somehow make me happy at the same time.

3.  The iPhone and Instagram for being the coolest things EVER.

4.  My mom, who is always supportive of me.

5.  David, who is always incredibly tolerant, even when I'm being difficult.

6.  Bonnie, who does adorable things like this that make my day.

7.  Long, slow walks in the evening with a very cute puppy that give me a chance to feel the breeze on my skin, to see the sun setting, and, if I'm lucky, to catch little moments of beauty like this.

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  1. Hi Jessica! I was just looking through my Ravelry friends and saw your name, and then wondered what had become of you and if you still lived in Boulder, and then started reading your blog. You should come back to knitting! Especially if you're feeling like you don't have many friends or a social life. Although, the fact that I consider knitting group to be a social life probably says more about MY social life than I'd like to admit.

    Your blog is pretty hilarious, and sounds like I could have written a lot of it myself. I was never a runner either, but started running (more accurately, really slow jogging) a couple of years ago, and worked up to a 10k. Then when I moved to Boulder last year I had such a problem adjusting to the elevation that I stopped exercising altogether and gained 35 pounds and am now officially a fat slob. I'm trying to get up the movitation to start from scratch with the running and diet thing.

    Anyway, hope to see you at knitting again sometime!

    Erin (ErinAt5430)