Too many miles.

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Four, Day Three (HATEFUL TREADMILL)
5.6 miles/1:16:32

Look who got in the shower today!  Hold the applause, please.

Bonnie had the grace to let me sleep in today... until 6:45 am.  Then the ever-present "squeak, squeak" of her little corn toy made its presence known.  It is cute, really, but I have to say it would be cuter a few hours later.  Regardless, we had a rather tough morning together - she decided it would be way more fun to poop on the floor instead of outside, and it would be SUPER DUPER FUN to wrangle herself away from me at the beginning of our walk and race down the street when a car was coming.  That was a delightful start to the day.  If she wasn't so stinking cute, she'd be in serious doo-doo... maybe the same doo-doo I cleaned off the tile.

Lucky for her, she is still absurdly cute.

After that super adventure, I met my friend Ross for lunch.  Ross is an old friend... we've known each other since high school and yet, still don't hate each other.  This is a rarity, kids.  Unfortunately, Ross has the metabolism of a... well... a guy that's in shape.  Rude.  So he eats things and I get jealous and tell myself that I can eat them too.  This is how I ended up eating a lunch that was 53 PointsPlus values.  Since I get 29 PPV a day, that was perhaps not my greatest choice.  But 30 of those PPV were for possibly the greatest thing ever: a Black Forest milkshake.  Worth it.

Buuuuuut... when I got home and realized how many PPV I'd used on a single meal, I realized I couldn't keep putting off today's run.  So I sucked it up, got off the couch, and drove to the rec center to meet my dear friend, the treadmill (also known as Satan).  And like most of my runs, parts of it were great and felt wonderful, and parts of it felt like my legs were made of lead and I was going to die on that treadmill.  Because let's face it, kids, I don't care how much you love running... over an hour on the treadmill is too long.  I will be very excited to have people in my house again so that Bonnie has someone else to squeak at in the morning when I'm running on the trail.  And I'll be even more excited when it's September and I can run at a reasonable hour because it's not a million degrees outside!

The shins weren't completely thrilled with the run, especially because I'm still struggling to find the right shoe.  I bought five different pairs of shoes from the Road Runner sale, and right now, I think I'm only keeping one pair... the Asics Gel-DS Trainer 16s.  Which are performance shoes.  They are pretty great on tempo runs, but I tried them out today and it was just too long.  I need more cushion for long runs.  Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding what I need.  So I think a trip to the Boulder Running Company (fabulous local running store) is in order, where I will torture the poor salesperson by hogging the treadmill and trying on every pair of cushiony stability shoes they have.  In the meantime, there will be a whole lot of this happening.

Please keep all discussion of my paleness to a minimum.

And yes, I did put this through Instagram solely to make my legs look less ghostly.  Can you blame me?

There will also be lots of Advil, but I didn't really feel a need to take a picture of me popping pills.  Why I felt the need to take pictures of huge ice packs on my shins, I will never know.

But here's some nice evening walk pictures to balance it all out.  An hour of walking around and sniffing stuff and Bonnie still has energy.  I wish I could bottle that.  And hoard it.

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