Triple Tangent Thursday! Better late than never, right?


1.  I really like dipping stuff in milk.  Really.  I already love milk (especially when you put it on ice and throw some booze in it) but it gets even better when things are dipped into it.  And I don't just mean cookies like a normal person.  Donuts are delightful dipped in milk.  I even like milk toast - I had a choir teacher who used to describe boring, blah, and gross things as milk toast, and it always made me feel bad since I loved it.  My real favorite, though, is to tear peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into strips and dip that into milk - if peanut butter didn't like to make my hips grow 5" every time I looked at it, I would eat that everyday for the rest of my life.  Right after I hit "Publish Post" on this beast, I'll be making some milk magic with graham crackers...

No idea how I make my eyes do that.  But how good does that s'more look?!!  I'm jealous of the box.

2.  On my second stint in Disney World, because of my awesome roommate Colleen, I got the opportunity to go on a tour of the Cinderella Castle Suite.  For those of you not obsessed with Disney, here's a short little backstory from the Wikipedia article: "Inside the upper levels of Cinderella Castle, there is a suite that was intended to be an apartment for Walt Disney and his family when they were in Florida. After Walt died in 1966, the apartment was left unfinished... On June 7, 2006, it was announced by Disney that the suite would be completely decorated and upholstered as a 'royal bedchamber', which can sleep up to six people."  During the Year of a Million Dreams (which went on for two years, but who's counting) they would give away a stay in the suite every night to a lucky family.  Anyway, it's not normally just shown off to people, so it was, forgive the corniness, very magical.  We got there before the park opened and got pixie dust and jewels from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  It was like being five years old again.  It was a serious dream come true, and the best part was that they let me take a billion and a half pictures!

In the exclusive elevator... the walls are padded.  And gilded.  Please let me live here, Disney.

Hanging out in the shower.

Doing the princess pose!  Both beds have a big "C" over them, which the tour guide carefully pointed out can stand for either "Cinderella" or "Charming."  Love it!

3.  Having friends in high places in Disney has worked out for me a few times actually... the Cinderella Suite tour was one, and my connection to the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios was another.  My friend Chris, who is easily one of the most entertaining and hilarious guys I've ever met, works there and patiently let me take a million pictures of the lobby... past the ropes where the guests aren't allowed to go.  HA!  This is not exciting to normal people, but I am not normal, so I was profoundly excited. 

Funny enough, I met Chris because he came on my boat at the Jungle Cruise.  I learned later that he was essentially dragged on it because he hates the Jungle Cruise, but our mutual friend Matt made him go, and despite hating the ride, he loved me.  So now we're pretty much besties.

Even if he makes that face.

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