Triple Tangent Tuesday!

Barely getting in under the wire... but Tuesdays I am the receptionist for one meeting, and those two hours of work slay me.  Whew!  How I will exist when I have to work actual hours again is beyond me.

A pre-tangent tangent... I washed my hair today!  Aaaaaaaand put on eyeshadow!  Not just one color of eyeshadow either, kids, four different eyeshadows.  I know.  It was... legen... wait for it... I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the next word is... dairy!  (and yes, I still think I'm cool)

Here's the evidence in case you are currently scoffing:
The second picture is because I realized today that my hair is taking over the world... maybe it's time for a haircut.  And the third picture is my special kid self trying to point out the eyeshadow.  It wasn't working.  For as much as I love makeup, I'm pretty bad at capturing photographic evidence of my work.

Now... Triple Tangent Tuesday!

One of my favorite restaurants in the world is a place called The Fort.  My family has celebrated a lot of holidays there in the past, and I insisted on going there for my graduation dinner.  They have possibly the greatest baked good in the world - pumpkin muffins.  I'm not even that big of a fan of pumpkin or of muffins, but these things are the greatest creations of all time.  They also will open champange with a tomahawk, which might be the coolest thing ever.  And things like this happen when you tell them you are celebrating something:

I bet you did not wear an animal skin as a hat in celebration when you graduated.  

In college, I lived alone my sophomore year, one semester of my junior year, and my last two years (senior and... super-senior).  While it got lonely and boring sometimes, I am incredibly grateful that I lived alone for so long because it really taught me independence.  I am the first to admit that I get whiny and lazy a lot, but left to my own devices, I'm actually very self sufficient (as long as you're ignoring the fact that I'm poor and make maybe $50 a week).  Plus, I feel completely comfortable doing things alone, which I think it something that a lot of people struggle with.  I've been known to go to restaurants alone and sit and have a nice meal just with myself - no book, no iPod, just me.  Like when I went to a fancy character breakfast at one of the deluxe hotels in Disney World... completely by myself.  I think all of the families took pity on me and thought I was sad and alone.  Which worked out well because I kept asking them to take my picture with the characters because I'm five years old.

Please note that doing Disney by yourself is not for the faint of heart.  You get a lot of dirty looks when you go on It's A Small World as a party of one.  People thought I was a serious creeper.

On my second stint with Disney, I lived with three girls from Wisconsin who loved cats and got me horribly addicted to a show on Animal Planet called Cats 101.  While I rarely catch the show on television, I watch the clips about each breed on the Animal Planet website obsessively.  I've made poor I'm-allergic-to-cats David watch and learn about several different breeds in an attempt to force my love of cats on him.  My personal favorite ones to watch over and over and over are the Oriental and the Munchkin.  As in, when I went to find those links, I had to watch both of them.  The Munchkin has to be one of the greatest things ever.  My roommate Maggie and I always talked about how we were going to get a Munchkin and a Welsh Corgi and be so incredibly happy with our short, chubby pets.  



I'm not sure if she was kidding, but I so was not kidding.  David already knows that if he stays with me, a corgi is in his future.  I'll ease him into the munchkin.


  1. Corgi's are so cute! I didn't know munckins even existed, but now I want one! I just recently cut off my hair that was taking over the world and it feels so good!

  2. RIGHT?! I am madly in love with munchkins. I think they are just to-die-for cute.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with hair. I'd chop it all off, but I know that 3 days later, I'd cry and cry about my missing hair. But I do need to get the split ends off before they multiply. Oy.