I did a 5K today!

Today's run:
Couch to 5K Week Seven, Day Three
3.16 miles/45:24

Okay, so it wasn't a race or anything... just me and my beloved Garmin.  But hey, I did a 5K!  Pretty exciting stuff.  Today's run was actually pretty lovely.  I got out earlier, which was good because not only did the wind kick up like crazy, but it got into the 90s today.  Gross.  I left Florida for a reason, universe... please remember that.

Anyway, I went out when it was still pretty cool outside, and when that intense wind was just a really refreshing breeze.  It did get pretty toasty by the end of the run, but just enough to give me a good sweat, which felt really wonderful today.  I did more walk-run-walk intervals, but spaced them out more today - for most of it, I ran for 4 minutes and then walked for one.  I had a lot of good energy today, so this really worked for me.  And the mantra for the day?  "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."  Not something I really say or think about often, but it came into my head and gave me a good push.  At one point, it kept me going up a very steep hill, so I was proud of that!

The reason for the extended mileage was that by the time I got back home at the end of the run, the Garmin said I had gone 2.94 miles.  And I thought to myself, "Well, that's dumb... it's a beautiful day and it feels great to be outside, why not make it a 5K?"  And it was a beautiful day and it did feel great to be outside, so I'm glad I did it.

Of course, then I went to Red Robin and ate a bacon cheeseburger, so I was glad to have burned the extra 20 calories.  I know they really made a dent in that lunch.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm working on a couple different blog entries that I swear I will have up soon - one speak da troof that is weight loss/weight maintenance related and one all about cross training. Whew!  I can hear all that excitement brewing.  Somewhere David just yawned and wondered why he dates someone who can walk into a running shoe store and immediately give descriptions of every Asics shoe in the joint.  And before you think I'm kidding, I did that today to my poor unsuspecting friend, Ross.  He thought he was just having lunch today.  Ha!  I showed him.

But that's about it for me.  I apologize for not having nasty sweaty pictures of myself for the day... for once I actually took a shower immediately after exercising!  I know, it's shocking.  I bet a few of you nearly choked reading that.  Forgive me.  But I realized that I hadn't actually washed my hair in almost a week, and that maybe that would be a nice gesture if I was going out in public.  With clean people.  

So instead, I will leave you with a few pictures to show off that I actually washed my hair today.  I did take off all my makeup and put on my rockin' glasses pre-photo shoot though, so rest assured that my lazy tendencies are intact and safe.

See?  See?  It's CLEAN!

Sending out a little love to all my fellow bloggers tonight.  You guys rock.


  1. That is so awesome! Congrats!!!!

  2. MMM I love Red Robin. I haven't ate there in a long time. Great job rounding your run into a 5k. I hate seeing an odd number on my garmin. I like it to be a nice solid number or a number that means something. It feels better that way. Sounds like you had a blustery afternoon also! Stinkin wind :( I love the clean pictures!