Happy National Running Day!

How many miles did you choose to celebrate with?  I decided to celebrate by... not running at all.  Um...

But I love you guys and sent everybody good running vibes all day!

Today's workout:
Fire 45 EZ (new to class option)
514 calories/54:30

I freaking love Turbo Fire.  I need to remember that amazing feeling I get during every cool down when I'm getting all grumpy pants about working out.  And I'm a big fan of burning 500+ calories in one workout because let's face it, I love me some eating.

Wednesday is technically a rest day for Turbo Fire, but since I haven't been following the specified schedule for a while now, I thought it would be better to do what felt good than stress over it.  After all, I spent most of my morning stressed out about exercise - I worked myself into an emotional frenzy, convinced that the only way I could be successful and get these irritating 10 pounds off was to be doing Body Pump again.  Please disregard the fact that I made more changes to my body in 3 months of P90X than in several months of doing Body Pump regularly... and that my muscles tend to respond far faster to high weight/low rep strength training than the low weight/high rep training of Body Pump.  So when my completely reasonable and not crazy emotional mom tried to gently suggest that maybe I should not drop $250 on a membership to a gym I didn't even want to belong to just so I could go to a class that I liked two years ago (with a different instructor and different people in the group, obviously)... I kind of lost it and spent several hours moping around.  I'll admit it.  It was a pouty princess moment.

By the by, Ms. Hilton's new show The World According to Paris debuted tonight.  I watched about 3 minutes of it out of a morbid curiosity.  Oh, how I wish I could have those minutes back.

So after I whined and moped and pouted (I swear, you guys, I am not always such a big baby about everything), I thought to myself, "Hey, self... pull it together.  So you made a promise that you'd do Power Pairs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a month, who cares?  Isn't it more important to get in a workout that you'll be happy with and excited about than to slave through some half-assed strength training just so you can whine about how much it sucked on your blog?"

I speak kindly to myself, I know.

Thus, Power Pairs was out and Turbo Fire was in.  And I have to brag a little... I was planning on doing Fire 30 just as a little quickie workout, but I have been wanting to try Fire 45 EZ because of one song in it.  A selection of the lyrics are as follows... ahem... "I'm a bad girl, break me like the law."  I can work with that.  So I tried it, and guess what, it might be my new favorite Turbo Fire workout!  It was an absolute blast, and despite not feeling energetic at the beginning, I managed to stay pretty pumped through the whole thing.  Now if I can just get that kind of energy to stick with me through tomorrow's run...

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