Running makes me bipolar.

Today's run:
Couch to 5K Week Eight, Day Three (I'M ALMOST DONE!)
2.85 miles/38:17

So... remember two days ago when I was whining about how it was too hot and my run sucked?  I know, it's hard to keep my whining straight... bear with me.  Apparently the universe decided to smile on me, and made today cool, cloudy, and rainy.  Obviously this meant that I had an awesome run.  Seriously.  AWESOME.  Easily one of the best runs I've ever had in my life.  When I left for my run, I was a little lethargic and kind of had the attitude of "it doesn't matter if it's misting a little, you HAVE to go on your run now because otherwise you're never going to do it... suck it up, princess."  And when I came back, I was bouncing off the wall, full of endorphins, and ecstatic.  I wish I could bottle that feeling.

Yes, under that frizzy curly mess is me.  You thought I had naturally straight hair, didn't you?  No, no... I was luring you into a false sense of security during our honeymoon phase together.  Now the frizz comes out, kids.

I think the highlight of the run was actually the last few minutes.  I know, that sounds a little weird coming from someone who struggles with pacing, but I actually did a fabulous job with pacing today.  I ran in my hatefully hilly neighborhood for the first time in about a month, and honestly, it was so rewarding to realize that the hills that used to kill me were less challenging.  I did a whole three minute running interval up one of those long hills, and I kept a 12 minute mile pace or under the whole time!  And afterwards, I gave myself a slightly longer walk break (a minute and 20 seconds instead of just a minute) and kept on going.  

Because of my pacing, I was able to just push through the last 5 or so minutes of the run and end feeling wonderful.  I actually really entertained myself using some positive visualizations (doubt not, unsure ones).  As I came up to a stop sign near the end, I figured I had about two minutes left.  I told myself that when I turned at the stop sign, I would be facing the finish line of the Disneyland half marathon (one of my dream races).  As it turns out, I had about 4 minutes left, and so what started as a simple visualization to keep me energized turned into an extravaganza.  Here, I give you a glimpse into my mind...

Jessica's brain:  Okay, you can see the finish line... you're so close!  You can get there!  (looks at Garmin)  You're almost there... look!  There are Mickey and Minnie waving you in!  And Donald and Goofy!  Even Stitch is there!  (looks at Garmin)  Oh, look, there's your family!  Mom is crying with pride, Dad and Lauren are cheering... and there's David!  And what does he have?  A DIAMOND NECKLACE?!  But you have to cross the finish line to get it, and you're getting closer every second!  (looks at Garmin, wonders why legs are still running)  Now there is a Cast Member from every land, and they all have something in their hands... it's a Fastpass!  Wait, it's multiple Fastpasses!  IT'S A FASTPASS FOR EVERY SINGLE RIDE IN DISNEYLAND!  And they're yours as long as you cross that finish line!  But wait, what's that sound?  They're starting Wishes in the middle of the day, just for you!  But why?  (looks at Garmin, getting slightly desperate)  Wait, where is everyone else?  Oh snap... YOU'RE WINNING THE DISNEYLAND HALF MARATHON!

That was it, more or less.  And I'm honestly not making any of that up right now.  That all came into my tiny, endorphin filled brain as I looked at my Garmin and wondered if time was standing still.  But I'll tell you, it was amazing.  I officially love visualizations.  I would be lying if I said I didn't throw my hands up in the air several times during this whole thing and yell "I'M WINNING!  I'M WINNING!"  I'm sure my neighbors think I'm special.  But I don't care because I'm the prettiest princess and I won the Disneyland half marathon today.

... seriously.  The endorphins.  See what they do to me?

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