Actual exercise? WHAT?!!!

I know.  It's hard to believe.

Yesterday's workout:
Fire 30 (New to Class) and Stretch 10
436 calories/44:00

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Day 1
3.81 miles/54:53

Apparently all I really needed to do to get some motivation was to blog about how I had no motivation.  Good old guilt - works every time!

Soon after posting yesterday about how lazy I'd been, I realized I needed to stop being lazy, and maybe attempt to fit in my pants again.  So I got out of bed (yes, I was in bed at 4:30 pm... shut up) and decided to do some Turbo Fire.  And it was made EXTRA AWESOME because I had a friend... David agreed to try it with me!  We settled on Fire 30 because it's the shortest of the non-HIIT Turbo Fire workouts, and D-Money was a little worried about it.  It was worth being worried about.  I love Chalene, but it had been a while since I'd done a workout... how quickly I forget that she is a beast.  By the end, we were both sweating out of places we weren't sure we could sweat out of.  Enjoy that image.

Davy Crockett here has fewer chins than me, but don't even think that he wasn't wheezing right along.

I thought for sure that he'd hate me for the rest of time for doing that to him, but he's already made a few comments about how he'd like to do it again today!  HA!  Turbo Fire addiction success.

Before I went to bed last night, I plugged in the Garmin so it could charge overnight - I did the math and it had been 10 days since my last run.  I swore to myself that this time, I wouldn't let my motivation die out after finishing Couch to 5K, and that wasn't exactly a solid start.  So my love handles and I got out of bed around 7:30 this morning and went on a run.  

It was a rough beginning - my left knee was throbbing and I kept getting shin splints.  For the first 10 or 15 minutes, I had to do shorter splits... 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking versus my usual 3 minutes to 1 minute ratio.  But after a while, my legs seemed to get used to running again and I got warmed up.  It still wasn't my fastest run ever (my best average pace was 12:52), but I did it!  And I know it will only keep getting better as long as I stick with it again.  I'm now planning on following the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Plan for the "novice" runner.  I made today my Tuesday according to the plan because I just wanted to get started again and not wait for two more days.  I actually ran 3.12 instead of the 3 miles as instructed.  The rest of the distance was a warm-up walk and cool-down walk.  Complete with wheezing.

Since I don't really know the area all that well, I decided to just run up and down streets in the neighborhood.  As it turns out, there are gorgeous houses very near D-Dawg's apartment.  Between bouts of wheezing, I managed to snap a couple random pictures, trying very hard not to be a complete creeper and take full frontals of the houses I wanted to live in.

After I got back and dripped sweat all over the carpet for the second day in a row, I made some breakfast with David... who seemed pretty thrilled for his healthy choices to show up on my blog.  So now you have to see food pictures.  I know this is super thrilling.  You're welcome.

My breakfast.  And no, there is not enough butter on that English muffin.  Puhlease.

David's breakfast, complete with Almond Breeze pouring action shot.  He would like you to know that it is the unsweetened kind and everything.  Food bragger.

Now I guess I should be a grown up and shower and function like an actual person.  We'll see about that.

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