A new, adorable addition to my family.

Today's run:
Couch to 5K Week Nine, Day One (LAST WEEK!)
3.0 miles/42:12

Today was not my greatest run of all time, but that's okay.  I went out on the trail, and it was super sunny and pretty darn warm when I went out, even though it was pretty early (about 8:30).  Plus, all I had was a banana and a few sips of Cytomax before I started running, so I think I crashed a little because of lack of sustenance.  But it wasn't a horrible run, and I got through it, so I'm proud!

I'm completely exhausted and planning on passing out very soon, but I wanted to give a little photo update of my weekend since it was a HUGE adventure.

Glorious smoothie-in-a-bowl refreshment on Saturday morning.

Rockies game this afternoon with my whole family, complete with pictures taken with my awesome new hipster-y photo app.  Sorry for not making my dad squish in there with us... he was crazy and wanted to, you know, actually watch the game.  Weird.

And then... the most exciting part of the whole weekend... bringing home this gorgeous girl.

More on that to come, I promise!  For now, it is bedtime.  Well... maybe ice cream sandwich and then bedtime.  A big weekend deserves a little something!

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