I am clearly super good at blogging.

Um... so... not only have I not blogged in nearly an entire week, but does anyone want to take a wild guess at how much running I've done since finishing Couch to 5K?

Come on... venture a guess...

Oh, did I hear "no running at all because you're a complete slacker and eating copious amounts of food sounded better than fitting in your pants" as a guess?  

Congratulations, voice in my head... you are correct.

So that's the reason I have not been updating my blog - out of complete shame.  I literally have not gone for a single run since finishing Couch to 5K last week.  And while I could use the excuse of "I'm on vacation" because I'm visiting David in California, I did, in fact, make a point to bring several pieces of workout clothing, two pairs of shoes (runners and cross trainers), two resistance bands, my Polar heart rate monitor AND my Garmin.  So... I have no excuse.  Except that eating cream cheese pretzels and Mickey shaped beignets in Disneyland sounded more fun than wheezing my way through 3 mile runs.

(source... because obviously I couldn't take a picture before I destroyed mine)

But it's time to face the music... especially because I'm using my stomach as a shelf for my cell phone right now and the idea of shoving the shelf into my skinny jeans is getting to be downright laughable.  I'm hoping to do some Turbo Fire today, but as you can see from the pictures above, I ACTUALLY WASHED MY HAIR TODAY, so I may not want to ruin it.  Because we've all seen how much I "glisten" while working out.

That's it.  I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, I have not died... I have not even spent every waking moment in Disneyland, despite an overwhelming desire to crawl into It's A Small World and try to blend in.  I just haven't worked out.  So in lieu of having anything sweaty or calorie burning to write about (though I'm pretty sure we walked at least 10 miles doing 16 hour days in Disneyland), I leave you with probably my new favorite comedian ever... who would understand my lack of exercise.

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  1. *This* was a delightful read.

    I packed my bag full of running crap the last time I went to Disney and I ended up wearing my under armour as regular clothing. Hot.

    Literally and sarcastically.