Fun giveaway!

This is just a quickie post to let you guys know about a giveaway going on over at Daily Vitamin F!  Kiley has an adorable blog - seriously, if you need a break from my sarcasm and whining, check her out.  While I'm complaining about my addiction to cake, she's posting about how much she's loving June already.  Adorable.

Her giveaway is also adorable - she makes shirts that say "running sucks" in custom color combos, completely to order, and she's giving away two of them!  You can choose from a crazy array of colors for both the shirt and the text.

See?  It's adorable!

In other, much more self-absorbed news, I woke up and thought "Gross, it's a weight training day."  When did this happen?!  I used to love weight training!  And then it hit me - I really miss Body Pump.  I miss Body Pump so much I'm considered joining a 24 Hour Fitness.  And I hate gyms.  Someone help me.

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