Motivation? Motivation? Bueller?

So, yesterday's run: 
Couch to 5K Week Three, Day One
2.17 miles / 30:44 minutes

The run went pretty darn well.  I was lucky enough to be running in gorgeous weather, and it just felt nice. I was a little anxious about running for three minutes straight (twice!), but it was surprisingly easy.  I know I did the exact same program two years ago without much trouble, but since I did take a good amount of time off from working out regularly (read: I slacked off for a while), I was a bit worried.  I'm glad it's going so smoothly!

Today I'm completely not feeling the whole exercise thing. 

Or perhaps to put it even more attractively...

I am easily the prettiest girl in the world.

I got up early to go to some more training for Weight Watchers.  I love training, it's easily my favorite part of a new job.  It's all the fun stuff without the stress of people actually needing things from you.  Essentially it's easy money.  I like easy money.

That being said, the alarm went off a wee bit early this morning, and even if I have the best of intentions, I know that if the workout doesn't get done in the morning, it becomes a struggle.  Especially when you cave and eat a cheeseburger for lunch.  Yes, I came home from training for Weight Watchers, got in my sweatpants, and ate a cheeseburger.  It was not my proudest moment.

I had planned on doing one of my P90X workouts as cross training today, but now it's afternoon and I don't like working out in the afternoon.  This is whiny, and dumb, and hopefully I get over it and at least do something physical.  I've gotten into a rut of doing my three runs a week for Couch to 5K and assuming that is enough.  I know for a fact that's not enough.  My jeans tell me on a daily basis.

For now, my motivation will be that I don't get to look at this...

... until the workout is complete.  And I'm dying to know how crazy Gwyneth Paltrow's Healthy Eating Secrets are, so... 

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