Tonight, the role of dinner will be played by cookie dough and whipped cream.

There was a salad in there somewhere too, but that's not as fun to talk about.

Today was a run day, but my workout notebook is downstairs and I'm lazy, so I'll post about it tomorrow.  For now, I just want to correct a horrible thing that has happened with this blog.

Judging from the pictures I've posted thus far, you would think that I never wash my hair.  This is not true only somewhat true.  So for tonight, nothing about running, nothing about nutrition, nothing even vaguely constructive.  Just a couple pictures to prove I do, in fact, wash my hair.

The suggestion that I often make awkward, vaguely creepy faces and insist on having at least one thumb up in photos is, unlike the dirty hair myth, completely and entirely true.

Now that I have proven that I wash my hair regularly once in a while, it's bed time, for I am sleepy. 

My hair is even clean in pop art.  I knew you were worried.

Tomorrow will actually have details of my run, since, you know... this is supposed to be a running blog, not a blog about my hair.

But I guess it can be both, can't it?

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