Today was a weird day.  So I'm going to ignore it for a minute and talk about last night instead!  Huzzah!

My parents and I went to a Rockies game... obviously lame car pictures are required.

Note the seatbelt: click it or ticket, my friends.  Forgive the awkward face... I honestly just wanted to show off the cute new sunglasses.  Thank you, Target.  

For those of you who, like me, are obsessed with nail polish, this is Zoya Apple.  That janky tooth used to be in line with the rest of them... wear your retainers, kids.

Aaaaaand, those are the uncomfortable pictures of me for the day.  You're welcome.

The game was okay - it got pretty chilly for wimpy girl here, and we lost badly.  But I really like baseball.  It's the epitome of summer to me... plus it's one of the few sporting events that I understand, and that involves men that I find attractive.  

Someday we'll get married.  Don't tell my boyfriend.

As for today, I'll go with a Reader's Digest version.  I went to church with my mom and then we had an amazing, waistband-busting breakfast... which I think must have been drugged because we both came home and passed out for an hour.  Then tonight I decided to try a restorative yoga class near my house. I used to take restorative classes with a friend of mine in college and loved how they made me feel, so I thought it would be a great way to stretch a little and get out of my funk.  But it wasn't a particularly great class, and I left feeling kinda tweaky.  That being said, I'm still glad I went - it's always good to try something new. 

Other than that, it was just kind of a blah day.  I felt really out of it all day, and the hour long nap probably didn't help.  Ah well.  Tomorrow is a new day, and it should be fun because I might go buy some new running shoes!  My shoes (Mizuno Wave Inspire 6) are getting pretty worn down, and I've been eyeing the new Wave Inspire 7s.  Or even... wait for it... branching out into new shoes entirely.  But change and I don't love one another, so I might just buy another pair of the ones I've got :)

We shall see!

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