I love dailymile...

... simply because when I look at the tab in my browser it refers to me as an "athlete."  Thanks, dailymile.  I appreciate that.

Can we stop and marvel for a minute at how good I already am at blogging every day?  Wait, I missed a day?  Oh.  That's awkward...

But not as awkward as that.

So, a slight bit of catching up to do.  I ran on Thursday - week two, day two of Couch to 5K.

Not a bad run, but not great.  The weather was interesting... good old Colorado.  When I woke up, there was snow everywhere, and thus, perfect excuse not to run.  Then I remembered that at some point, it might be fun to fit into my jeans, so I got bundled up to go to the rec center and run on the treadmill.  But by the time I actually got bundled up (things have to match, you know, Zac Efron could be on the treadmill next to me) and got to the rec center, it was gorgeous and sunny, so I ran outside.  This was probably a mistake.  Note to self: running in a thick and heavy sweatshirt is not super fun times.  But I got through it and that's what matters, really.

Eating a sweatshirt for breakfast.  I'm still deciding on my favorite part about iPhone photos... the way they make my hair look like it has never been washed or my teeth look like they've never been brushed.  I better get a call when they decide to make Deliverance 2.

Then yesterday I did probably the most entertaining workout EVER.  Forgive me in advance, because I own and have now used this:

Excuse me while I wet myself laughing.

Now as much as it pains me to say this, it actually wasn't a bad workout.  Plus, the extra ab workout from chuckling at the awkwardly scripted way in which he hits on the girls in the segments probably worked wonders.  My only complaint (aside from the overuse of the word "situation" by everyone involved) was that there was no cool down or stretch at the end.  This was less of a complaint yesterday and more of one today, when I attempted to look cool walking.  Fail.

Today was another run, day three of week two.  Overall, it was a really good run - the weather is finally gorgeous here so it felt wonderful to be outside.  I had a little trouble with pace today, and pushed myself a little too hard.  But on the plus side, I got to play with a new app on my iPhone called iMapMyRun.  It's free and uses the GPS on the phone to map the route you take, plus calculate the distance you've gone and your pace.  I like knowing everything, so that was a fun perk.  And now I want the Garmin Forerunner 305 even more... oy.  My birthday is coming up - anybody want to buy me a Garmin?!

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