In 10 hours, I'm paying someone to rip stuff out of my face.

Yesterday's workout:
P90X - Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps
55 minutes (ish)

Someone please explain to me how I dealt with this...

... for 90 days and didn't smash my television in.

But serious folks... this workout kinda sucked.  I'm not sure exactly why I picked Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps in the first place since it wasn't my favorite workout in the series... I probably would have been much happier with Chest and Back or Shoulders and Arms.  But it is what it is.  It was a hard workout, just like the whole P90X series, but the biggest challenge I faced was pure unadulterated boredom.  I was honestly just bored about halfway through.  The only real reason that I didn't stop was because I knew I was going to post it on here and wanted to avoid writing, "So... I started a workout... and then I bailed on it to eat cake."

Today was supposed to be a run day, but I woke up to cold weather and sore legs so I decided to just rest.  And it will actually be the first of many rest days because I am getting all four wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow.  

I am clearly thrilled about the entire situation. 

Really, I probably shouldn't be awake and blogging right now.  I should be sleeping because I will be up in about 6 hours to have my last 8 ounces of clear liquids for a while.  I already had my last solid meal for a while tonight.  It included Oreos and cupcakes.  You know, the important food groups.

To be entirely honest, I'm pretty darn scared about the whole thing.  It includes a lot of unwanted firsts for me: my first IV, my first time getting anesthesia, my first surgery... I could do without these, really.  And several people I know have had bad experiences with some part of the process so I've heard a few too many horror stories to be comfortable.  But I'm trying to be hopeful.  And will attempt to not cry on the surgeon's shoulder.  No guarantees.

Depending on how loopy I am on painkillers, I might post some gibberish tomorrow.  But no workouts for me for a week or so.  I know it's tragic, forced to sit still, watch television, and eat milkshakes... maybe I'm okay with this whole oral surgery thing after all.

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