Here we go again...

I think I've now lost track of how many blogs I've started and abandoned.  Drifting around in cyberspace are a vast array of half-hearted attempts at my "getting it" with blogging - the blog I had to keep for my writing class in college, the blog I started with the intention of posting pictures of everything I ate during the day to keep me accountable to my weight loss, the blog created simply to whine about being unemployed...

The point is, I seem to struggle with finishing things.  Until now - crossing fingers.

I've been keeping track of my workouts in a spiral notebook for almost a year now, since I began P90X last May and Tony Horton yelled at me constantly about writing everything down.  It helped keep me accountable, and I found myself learning from each workout to the next.  So now I've decided to take it to the next level and hold myself accountable to whoever may come across this blog and actually have the patience to read it.  I've recently restarted a program that I completed two summers ago called Couch to 5K, and it's the first step I will take towards hopefully becoming a real runner (!) and running my first half marathon (!!!).

Plus, I want to ramble on about myself and since that normally meets with glazed eyes, I need to send it out into cyberspace so that even if your eyes glaze over reading this, I don't have to notice.

So here goes - time to start running for that bikini!

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