Triple Tangent Twednesday!

1.  Last week was week #5 of the marathon training.  It was also the first week that I did all three training runs.  You would think that with my first marathon, I could somehow manage to run three times a week, but that didn't happen.  I didn't feel too badly about it until I watched the running events in the Olympics.  Um.  Yeah.

2.  Tomorrow is my ninth day in a row of work.  I am really enjoying this job, but it turns out that I really do not enjoy working nine days in a row.  

On the bright side, if I can live through tomorrow, I will have four days off in a row.  Is it terrible that I plan on spending one of them in bed?  Just the entire day.  In bed.  Can't wait.

3.  In case you haven't noticed, I HAVE A NEW DOMAIN!  Running for Bikinis is now officially Running with Pixie Dust.  If it seems like a weird shift... forgive me.  I was never all that thrilled with the title of Running for Bikinis, and I think Running with Pixie Dust makes a lot more sense for me, especially since I'm back in Disney.  And even more exciting - I will have a new design up soon!  I decided to splurge and pay someone to design a new layout for me, because heaven knows I can't handle that.  I am in love with the design, and I'm really excited to unveil it soon!  :)

Now... sleep.  Glorious glorious sleep.

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