A short list of things.

1.  I am still sick and have not run at all this week.  I am supposed to run 9 miles on Saturday and I don't know if this is a good decision.  Seriously, why did I sign up for a marathon?!  Unwise.

2.  I am using the fact that I am sick as an excuse for just about anything.  So far, it has worked beautifully as an excuse to eat way too much of all the wrong foods, lay on the couch while dishes stack up in my sink, sleep until almost noon today, and make Jamie go get me breakfast this morning because I couldn't get it together to get out of bed.  By the time I get better, I will probably have gained 20 pounds and Jamie will have dumped my needy behind.

3.  Did I mention that I am supposed to run 9 miles in two days and I just ate roughly the caloric equivalent of two meals in one sitting?  I'm not sure I can see my toes if I look straight down right now. I've never been more proud.

4.  I was sniffling so much at work that I think my Guests were afraid to come close to me for fear of catching what I have, which I can only assume is the Black Plague.  

5.  And then this happened:


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