15 Thing Friday

1.  Today I really needed to do the following: wash my dishes, go grocery shopping, exercise, and work on preparing my audition for a really awesome career opportunity (more on that later).  Instead I got distracted by shiny objects and somehow ended up watching several episodes of Frasier on Netflix, which shocks no one, and playing on the internet.  Welp... there is always tomorrow.

2.  On the bright side, all that internet time included finally taking the time to add all of the runs I have gone on since January into my Dailymile account.  Really, there weren't that many runs to log, so it wasn't particularly hard.  But my total miles for 2012 went from 33 to 166 in about ten minutes, which was pretty spectacular! 

3.  Remember when I was really proud because I finally ran all three training runs in one week?  I haven't run once this week.  I am hoping I can pull it together to do 7 miles on Sunday.  It sounds like death.

4.  Speaking of running (which apparently I need to), going through all those past runs made me realize that my pace is suffering quite a bit.  While I have needed to slow down because I'm running in high temperatures and very high humidity, I'm realizing that I should probably get back on the whole eating right and exercising regularly bandwagon.  I found this Runner's World article about how losing weight can affect your pace.  At this point, I would really like to lose about 15 pounds, which seems so daunting I can barely stand it... but it would mean improving my half marathon time by around 5 minutes.  Will this help me not eat chocolate?  Only time will tell.

5.  In case you're wondering how I'm doing on the whole getting back on the eating right and exercising regularly bandwagon, today I decided not to exercise at all, and I just ate a can of Spaghetti-O's for dinner.  And yes, I am ashamed.

6.  Jamie introduced me to this glorious video, which I have watched several times today, and I am still not sick of it.  I love this kid.

7.  His other commercial is also definitely worth mentioning.

I am in love.

9.  I have decided that if I could eat at Sweet Tomatoes for one meal of every day, and at Outback Steakhouse for one meal of every day, I could die happy.  Which is good, because I would also die early, since I would be eating macaroni and cheese and massive cheeseburgers every day.

10.  I read Cely's 15 Thing Friday post (I owe her so much credit for any success that my blog has) earlier, and while I know I read the whole thing, all I remember is that Nathan Adrian has fantastic abs and makes funny faces, and I want pan-fried noodles and lettuce wraps from P.F. Chang's more than I can possibly describe.

11.  The other day while I was outside at work and trying to wipe the sweat from my forehead in a delicate and ladylike manner, a little girl standing nearby said to me, "You sweat like my dad."  Charming.

12.  I have been wanting to try a new nail salon because despite my noble attempts, I suck at making my hands look pretty, so I've been looking at reviews of places nearby.  Apparently I've been doing too much of this because I had a dream last night that I went to two different nail salons and both were horrifying - the first one looked nice and was really well priced, but when I opened a drawer to look at the polish colors, it was filled with bugs.  The second salon was on a ranch (subconscious, what is going on with you?!) and was gorgeous, but they handed me a sheet with the services and prices on it and a manicure was $89.  If you wanted to get a French manicure, it was an extra $12 per nail.  I am really hoping I can find a salon somewhere between those two... bug free, but less than triple digets in price.

13.  Speaking of triple digets in price, I want these and I want them bad.  My excessive, man-like sweating has started making my earbuds fall out of my ears one mile into a run.  As fun as that is, I need it to stop, and those headphones look like a delightful, if expensive, answer.  Anyone else have a good headphone recommendation?

14.  I'm still thinking about pan-fried noodles and lettuce wraps.

15.  Sounds about right.


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