15 Thing Friday

1.  Has everyone seen Janae's ADORABLE new baby, Brooke?  GO SEE HER.  She is absolutely precious and I am so happy for Janae and Billy.  What a cute family!

2.  I was planning on doing a 5K tomorrow morning, but I forgot to register before the online registration closed down.  I had planned on just registering at the race in the morning, but I checked the website when I got home from work and learned that the race was sold out.  So I ate leftover Chinese food, way too many Goldfish crackers, and chocolate milk because I was sad.  Let's not even get into the irony of this.

3.  This dog is fantastic.

4.  Today was one of those days where I was just not having it.  I am usually a pretty patient person, but my tolerance for other humans was shot by about noon.  Super helpful since I didn't even start working until 3 pm.  Obviously it went very well for me today.

5.  I have recently picked back up my Crystal Light addiction.  I would say I'm about 80% Crystal Light.  And 20% refined carbohydrates.  It's a miracle I'm still breathing.

6.  Currently obsessed with this song for running.  And getting ready for work.  And sitting around.  The music video is fantastic because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING.

7.  Two nights ago, I discovered that The Office is on Netflix, and started rewatching it.  I'm halfway through season two now, which gives you a great idea of my productivity lately.

8.  I was going to post this picture to talk about my new love of everything "ermahgerd" (which Jamie is really proud of because he introduced me to this stupid thing)...

9.  But then I found this and it was even better.

10.  I took my trash out yesterday and it was about the most productive thing I did aside from showing up to work.  I feel like it's just one of those weeks, which is absolutely a cop out, but I kiiiiind of don't care.

11.  They recently released the design of the new medal for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January.  I am furious because the medal is fantastic.  Now I have to actually run the stupid thing because I want that medal.  I may not live past January 13th.

12.  I bought several books about marathon training off of Amazon this week, in an attempt to get myself to recommit to training.  The books arrived at my apartment yesterday.  So far I haven't read a single page, but I did sleep in for the past two mornings instead of running.  So that plan definitely worked.

13.  I am now out of things because posting about the marathon made me feel woozy.  I should probably go lay down.

14.  Wait... I'm already sprawled on my couch in my robe.

15.  Can I pay someone to carry me to bed?


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