Triple Tangent Twednesday!

1.  In keeping with the theme of learning something new every day... today I learned that I also have a problem with oyster crackers.  Weird, right?  Maybe someday I will realize that what I actually have a problem with is all food, anything even remotely edible... but today is not that day.  Today I merely have a problem with oyster crackers.  But not oysters, because those are disgusting.

2.  My Lululemon addiction keeps getting worse.  It's sick now, honestly, and I'm helping sub a bunch of meetings this week and just took a receptionist position at another meeting because I want to keep buying stuff.  I want this jacket so much that it physically hurts (especially the price - DON'T LOOK AT THE PRICE, you will weep openly).  I took these crops on my 10 mile run on Sunday and fell madly in love, and now need them in every color they were ever made in.  My behind has never looked so good.  Lululemon, what do you put in your pants?!  Is it magic?!!!

3.  I found this video randomly, watched it, and cried.  Is that silly?  If it is, don't tell me... I love it.

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