On a completely different note...

A friend of mine who did his first full marathon at the Denver Rock 'n Roll (probably in the same amount of time that it took me to do the half, damn fit men) posted this on his Facebook.  I appreciated it more than I probably should have, but thought I would share!

His mile 10 and mile 11 are pretty much my mile 4 and mile 5.  Every damn time.


  1. This video is funny!

    About your other post- sometimes runs suck. I've had a few crappy weeks in a row and I can't wait to have a good run again. You should read Dorothy Beal's post- www.mileposts.com. No matter who you are, running is hard- but sometimes we have those good runs and that is what we chase after.

    Here's to next time!

  2. That video is great, so true even on the half level of how we talk to ourselves through runs. I sometimes wish I could record my thoughts so I could go back and see if I was either a genius or full of crap. Heres to sucky runs though! Thats why I bike lately, so I still get out and do something ;)

  3. I watched that video last week and laughed out loud. So true that your emotions can change so much from one mile to the next.

  4. Oh my word....that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen...esp since I am 20 days away from my first full....don't pants your poop...LOL!