I am a terrible blogger, but a good little exerciser.

Today's workout:
3.18 mile run
That's right everyone - I get to start today's post with a workout.  And had I actually blogged on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, I would have been able to start all of those posts with a workout too!  Aaaaaand if you include the 5K that I ran last Thursday and the 10K that I ran last Friday, that means that I have exercised 6 days in a row!

Seriously, though.  I am feeling really good right now.  For someone who has been really lax in the daily exercise department, getting myself to do something active every single day has been an impressive feat.  This is what my workouts have looked like this week.

Saturday: I went for a 350 meter swim, which is more than I have done in a while!
Sunday: I went to Body Pump!  I am trying to get back into going to Body Pump at least twice a week.
Monday: I went for a three mile run!
Tuesday: I am most proud of this one.  I did NOT want to exercise yesterday.  I walked a lot at work and when I got home, I was not feeling well.  I lounged around for a while, then Jamie and I got subs from Publix and watched Dr. Who together.  This means that I was comfy on his couch and full of delicious sub when I decided that I would not ruin my 100 day challenge on day 4 because that was stupid.  So I got off the couch, came back to my place, got into my workout clothes, and did a 20 minute Zumba DVD.  Take that, laziness!

I have also tracked every day since Saturday, so that means five consecutive days of tracking!  I will admit that I have still made a few questionable choices - Doritos jumped into my grocery cart last night and Chick-fil-a waffle fries randomly appeared next to me this afternoon.  But the whole point of Weight Watchers is that you track it and move on.  I will never be perfect with food.  I know this.  It has taken me a long time and I have beaten myself up often about it because I would love to be one of those people who honestly believes that nothing tastes as good as thin feels.  I would love to be one of those people who stops eating junk food and never wants it ever again.  My abs would look great.  But I love food so much!  I love Doritos and I love waffle fries and I love this croissant donut that you can get at Epcot.  I dream of that thing.  So I cannot keep expecting myself to "eat clean" - I am not a clean eating girl.  I am a "track it and move on" kind of girl.

I also simply did not eat very well all day today.  I have been starting every day with a green smoothie, but today was a stressful day and there were no fruits or vegetables involved in my breakfast. 

I had a very early morning today because I taught the Magic Kingdom Orientation class for the first time in months, and I was so anxious about it because I was sure I would forget the whole thing.  Luckily, I had a good co-facilitator who helped me out a lot, but I still felt a little drained by the end of class.  Then this afternoon, I met with my co-facilitator for Traditions, which is the first day any Cast Member has at Disney.  It's a huge honor to facilitate Traditions.  You have to go through several auditions and you only teach for one year.  I was lucky enough to be chosen for the 2014 team, and while I am incredibly excited to teach my very first class this Saturday, I AM SO NERVOUS.  My co-facilitator is great, though, and sitting down with him for a while today really helped.  But you can imagine after needing to study two scripts in one day and walking around the Magic Kingdom for several hours this morning, I was in no mood to do anything this afternoon.  I got home from studying for Traditions and got right into bed.  But just like yesterday, I didn't want to ruin my challenge.  I got out of bed and got into my running clothes because I told myself I would only go out for a short 2 mile run.  A crazy thing happened on that short run, though - I wanted to keep going.  So instead of doing just 2 miles, I went for 3 miles, and I was really stupid proud of myself!

That being said, I think my early morning is suddenly catching up to me now because I can hear my pillows calling my name.  Tomorrow is another day of work and the plan is for another Body Pump class!  That will make one week of exercising every day!  100 day challenge, I am coming for you.

6 days down, 94 to go


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