Trying to get my head on straight.

This is a quick little blog post because it's almost time for bed for me.  As always, I am having trouble committing to regular blogging.  But there is something that I have committed to more successfully - regular Instagramming (is that a verb?) for the Tone it Up girls. 

I've mentioned the Tone it Up girls before, when I was just starting to like them and follow them.  Now I pretty much adore them.  I want to buy their Beach Babe DVD and I'm trying to talk myself into their nutrition plan.  There's some sticker shock involved with that one ($150?!) but people say it is worth it. And truly, I think they are just sweethearts.  And not just because their videos are cute and they are very sweet to one another, but because of my experience with the Tone it Up girls, the Tone it Up community, and Instagram.

I love Instagram.  I think it makes pretty cool pictures into super cool pictures, and it entertains me.  Well, the Tone it Up girls love Instagram too, but they use it for what they call "check-ins" - meaning that their followers, or the Tone it Up community, post pictures and details about their workouts, their daily meals, etc.  I started doing exercise focused Instagram posts when the Tone it Up girls started their Bikini Series (check it out here) and encouraged everyone to check in on Instagram.  I made a new account just for exercise related posts (if you want to follow me, I'm tiurunnerjess) and started checking in.  I try to post a picture a day, if not more.  I have skipped some days, and some days have been kind of pathetic posts, but I try.  And it got me thinking - if I can manage to commit to doing check-ins on Instagram, can't I try a bit harder with my blogging?

So here goes.  Once again I commit to blogging regularly, and I really hope I can stick with it.  But since I know my track record, I'm going to cut myself some slack - sometimes my blog post might just be a repeat of what I've put on Instagram.  Possibly not the most original thing in the world, but it gets the job done, right?

And since I've already said I'm going to do it... let's go ahead and do it.  Here's my most recent check in on Instagram, also known as the look of horror that was etched onto my face after I tried the 30-minute lower body HIIT routine from this DVD.  Dear heavens.  My poor legs.

Can you see the drop of sweat about to fall from the tip of my nose?  Seriously.  I am so pretty.

Now it's definitely bedtime.  See you again tomorrow!


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