Three things.

1.  I am not succeeding at my "blog every day in April" goal, I know.  But I am trying!  Already I have blogged more in April than I did in February or March, and I'm getting close to beating January.  So... yay for that!

2.  I just bought myself a new app for my iPad and had to recommend it to anyone still reading this (so... myself) - it's called Sworkit, and it creates a random circuit workout for you.  You input what kind of workout you want to do (cardio, strength, yoga, etc.) and how long you want to do it (I tried 15 minutes to start) and it starts you on a workout!  I was impressed at the variety of moves, and I really enjoyed the format.  You do each move for only 30 seconds, which was especially nice for hateful things like burpees.  It also gives you random 30 second breaks, which is especially nice after hateful things like burpees.  I found that I worked hard because I knew it was only 30 seconds, and I wanted to keep going because I didn't know what was coming up next!  I don't think I would have the patience to do a long workout with it, but for a 15 minute burst of cardio when I felt like I hadn't done enough, it was nice.  Recommended!

3.  I have finally gotten used to my haircut... so here goes.  Photographic evidence.

Completely down.

Half up.


I'm still getting used to it, especially now in Florida humidity where it kind of puffs out.  It is shorter than I expected, but it has grown on me.  And several people have told me that it looks great, so... I'll take it :)

Until tomorrow!

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