Jessica vs. the ActiveLink

This is my ActiveLink.

The ActiveLink is one of my many beloved gadgets.  It is a Weight Watchers gizmo, and it was designed to track your movement throughout the day and convert that movement into Activity Points.  Sounds cool, right?  On a good day, it makes life super easy and it either motivates you to work harder, or makes you realize how hard you're already working - for example, if you plug it into your computer in the afternoon (it has a nice USB plug on the end, making that super easy) and see that you've earned 6 points already, it's a good day!  But if you plug it into your computer in the afternoon and see that you've earned 1 point for the day, it might motivate you to work a bit harder and get in some more movement.

Please note my use of the word "might."

On a good day, the ActiveLink is motivating and inspiring.  But on a day like today, where my appetite and desire to sit on my couch and watch TV greatly outweighed my desire to go to the gym or eat carrots, the ActiveLink can be discouraging.  Frustrating.  Infuriating.

Because when I finished my workout for the day and plugged that sucker in, this is what I saw.

Can't tell what offended me?  Here, let me zoom in for you...

I beg your pardon, ActiveLink?!  One activity point?!  This is after my workout, kids.  Now yes, this is also after me sitting on the couch and then me falling asleep on the couch, but still?!  I thought I was going to punch something.

So, the rest of the day can be seen as one long battle of me vs. the ActiveLink.  I went to Target and walked around (and then bought everything in Target, but that is unimportant).  Jamie and I went to Hollywood Studios and I kept walking.  And finally, I got home and saw this.

A vast improvement.


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