One of my New Year's resolutions is to actually blog.  To really blog.  To get more than 40 followers and to be a real blogger.  Mostly because I want to purchase this really awesome wall art and not have it be a lie:

And today I am stealing the great idea of this lady to express my disappointment in my blogging skills.  Today is a WTF Wednesday because I looked at my blog archive and saw that while I made 181 blog posts in the year 2011, I made a whopping 22 in 2012.  Really, Jessica?  22 blog posts?  The year I decided to run two half marathons and train for my first full marathon is the year that I managed to blog less than 30 times?  I am not proud.

But all that is over!  The year 2012 has now ended, and while I am still insanely grateful for all the gifts that it has given me, I think 2013 is going to be a pretty great year.  After all, I'm starting it by running a marathon.  Now let's be honest, that might kill me... but if it doesn't, I will have gotten the year off to a pretty amazing start.

So yes, I am hereby announcing that I am not going to suck at blogging anymore!  I might suck at running, but I'll be here blogging about it regardless.  Get ready.


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  1. Good luck on your Disney Marathon. I will also be there trying to complete my first marathon as well. Hopefully you will blog more so other addicted runners can have something to read.