I ran a marathon and then sat on my couch a lot.

I've been doing a whole lot of reading about how long one should recover from a marathon.  And by "a whole lot of reading" I mean that I've done some Google searches because it sounded better than doing the things I actually need to do like finish cleaning my apartment, do my dishes, or generally function as a productive adult.  And what I've learned is that it's a complete crap shoot.  Some people take a day off for every mile, which would mean 26 days of no hard running.  Some people run two days after the marathon.  I'm going the route of sitting on my couch and eating as though I just ran the marathon.

I considered trying exercise today, but the thought was short lived.  I have kind of let my apartment fall into ruin lately, so I spent several hours this morning working on that.  It isn't completely done (still haven't taken down my Christmas tree...) but it's a vast improvement.  And I learned the following things today while cleaning:
  1. I never need to purchase another tank top, pair of running shoes, bottle of shower gel, or sugar scrub ever again.  Seriously.  I know The Body Shop does great deals, but this is out of hand.  I have four unopened tubs of sugar scrub sitting in my bathroom right now.  Not proud.
  2. I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Old Navy's sweater section.
  3. I desperately need hangers and a Swiffer.
  4. The Magic Eraser is a gift from God.
And that's it.  These are my contributions to the world today.  You're welcome.


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