Sunday Runday!

Today's run:
3.3 miles in 47:00

What can I say about today's run?  Well, let's keep it simple:

Today's run sucked.  I can't even beat around the bush on this one.  It was slow and painful and it was 95% humidity outside the entire time.  It was only about 73 degrees, but because of the humidity, I felt like I was clawing my way through it.  I got side stitches about 10 minutes in that lasted for most of the run.  I think my shoes are getting to the end of their little shoe lives because my feet were throbbing and I had painful shin splints.  Also, every joint in my body was revolting.


I did it.

I did not give up 10 minutes in.  I did not say "it's okay, I'll walk the rest" when my right knee flared up.  I didn't even say "2.75 was far enough" when I got close to my apartment and could have just finished the run early.  I kept going.

It was a tough week for me in the health and fitness world.  I worked six days this week because it's still spring break season and the Magic Kingdom has been a madhouse.  When I wasn't working, I was exhausted and trying to just put one foot in front of the other.  I tried my best to follow the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan, but there were days that one vegetable happened instead of four.  One day a frozen margarita and a slice of cake appeared out of nowhere and forced me to eat them.  That was a tough day.

And can we talk about workouts?  Oh, let's talk about workouts.  Of the seven 21 Day Fix workouts and three runs I had planned for the week, I did three 21DF workouts and one run.  Not my most impressive statistics.

So the fact that I got through the run today after skipping workouts and not eating my best is pretty much a miracle and I will take it, side stitches and all.

Happy Sunday Runday, kids.  Whether your run/workout today is awesome or awful, pat yourself on the back for getting it done!


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  1. I like your blog a lot! Even though I'm not much of a runner:D