Being a grown-up is overrated.

I promised in my last post that I would do a catch up post to explain where I've been for a month, and I promise it is coming.  But I am forcing myself to be somewhat productive before I can escape to the beautiful land of wasting time on the Internet.  I desperately need to clean my apartment, and I also need to work on a meal plan for the coming week because as it turns out, my current method of just eating whatever happens to fall into my lap isn't working out so well for me.

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and it was sufficiently horrifying.  I know this is shocking, but it turns out that not tracking, not exercising for several days, and eating things like chicken nuggets, McDoubles, french fries, and cookies DOES NOT help you lose weight.  I was amazed.  So I had a nice wake-up call this morning and realized that I need to stop fooling around and get down to business.  This means that for a while, this blog might take a different turn and be a little more focused on weight loss than running.  Especially since I haven't gone for a run since the Princess Half Marathon.  Welp.

I will be back later for a proper blogging experience.  I just really wanted to waste a little bit more time before I had to be a responsible adult and clean my apartment.  


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